Saturday, March 19, 2016

When will Jewish victims of Muslim terrorism be invited to Real Madrid?

One of the most widely broadcast news stories associated with Israel this week was Real Madrid's invitation of Ahmad Dawabshe - the 5-year-old Palestinian survivor of the 2015 Duma house fire-bombing (in January 2016 two Jewish Israelis, one of them a minor, were charged with three counts of murder and being an accessory to murder - the defendants deny all charges and Abu Yehuda has been tracking the many inconsistencies in the case).

It might seem mean to raise concerns about somebody committing a good deed - which this certainly is for the child - but there is serious baggage associated with this "act of kindness".

The media have, as expected, used this as an opportunity to engage in an orgy of demonization of Israel and its "Jewish terrorists". In doing so, the media have of course ignored both the incredible rarity of Jewish acts of terrorism and the incredible frequency of Muslim acts of terrorism specifically against the Jews of Israel.  They also ignored the fact that, whereas Israelis were universally disgusted at even the possibility that Jews could have committed the fire-bombing,  the Palestinian population in contrast rejoices every time Muslims slaughter Jewish civilians - including children - in cold blood.

But most important, given the recent history of Real Madrid (and in particular its star player Christiano Ronaldo) in promoting the 'Palestinian cause' it is clear that Ahmad Dawabshe was invited there primarily as a political protest aimed at demonizing Israel. And also note that the invitation was coordinated with Jibril Rajoub the Head of the Palestinian Football Association who is not only a convicted terrorist but is a man who has used his position to: delegitimize Israel wherever possible, continue support for terrorism; and lead the movement to boycott Israel from international football (and other sports).

If this was not a stunt primarily to delegitimize Israel then why, for example, were the four young children of Eitam and Naama Henkin not invited along with Ahmad Dawabshe? These four children witnessed both their parents being murdered by Muslim terrorists around the same time as the Duma fire.

Or how about Roee Fogel? His mother Ruth, father Udi, and three siblings; Yoav (11), Elad (4) and Hadas (3 months) were murdered in their home in Itamar in 2011 by terrorists who cut the baby Hadas's head off and yet are still hailed as "heroes of Palestine" (and receive generous salaries from the Palestine Authority courtesy of EU and US tax payers). Indeed inviting Roee Fogel to Real Madrid might even force the media to mention the Itamar massacre, since unlike the Duma fire-bombing (which has been covered extensively by every major world media outlet) the Itamar massacre was not even mentioned in any news media outside Israel.

Perhaps Real Madrid will still prove me wrong. In which case I look forward to them inviting some of the other thousands of Jewish children of Israel who, in the last 15 years, have had parents or siblings slaughtered by Muslims terrorists. Or even some of the hundreds of thousands of children all over the world with parents and siblings murdered by Muslim terrorists in the last 5 years. Rather than choosing to focus on the one child whose family (may) have been the victims of Jewish terrorists.

*Moshe Cohen in the picture below was Bar Mtizvah this week while his father still lay in a coma following the brutal axe attack by a Muslim terrorist who was supposed to be his friend and colleague

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