Friday, February 19, 2016

On the murder of Tuvia Weissman by 'Palestinian kids'

Murdered 21-year-old Tuvia Weissman with wife and child

 UPDATE: Was Tuvia a victim of Israel's political correctness?
  • The Western media as usual largely ignored the murderous knife attack in an Israeli supermarket, despite the fact it was carried out by two 14-year-old Palestinians. Had two 14-year-olds committed such an act of terrorism anywhere else in the world you can be sure it would have been headline news. But even the age of the assailants failed to pique media interest because neither were killed in the attack and so the headline writers were unable to lead with "Israel kills Palestinian children". 
  • Where the attack was reported Tuvia Weissman was dehumanized - being referred to as a 'soldier' - even the Israeli media was guilty of this (some - as reported by Aussie Dave felt his death was deserved because he was a 'settler'). But every 21-year-old man in Israel is a soldier and since he was off-duty shopping in a supermarket why was the fact that he was a 'soldier' of any relevance at all? 
  • The killing came just hours after chief-of-staff of the military, Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot scolded Israeli soldiers for shooting at "Palestinian kids who attack with scissors" and knives. Clearly in the eyes of Eisenkot (and most of Israel's military leaders) it is far better to have dead Jews than have the Western media screaming about the killing of Palestinian kids. 
  • The  'Palestinians' (supported by the Western media and political elites) continue to have massive incentives to carry out terrorist attacks. That the Israeli authorities continue to provide no deterrents at all is not unrelated to the fact that the vast majority of leaders in Mossad, Shin Bet, and the IDF are leftist appeasers (as reported here). Hence, while Tuvia Weissman was being buried today his killers were being treated with the best possible medical care in an Israeli hospital (and because of their age they will be released without charge when they recover to a life of luxury as 'Palestinian heroes').
  • In the light of all this I have updated my table about incentives and deterrents for Palestinians (especially 'kids') to carry out terrorist attacks. Unless Israel's leaders start to come up with some deterrents the attacks will intensify and there will be many more victims like Tuvia:

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