Friday, February 26, 2016

The Corbyns: their anti-Israel hatred is a hereditary compulsive obsessional disorder

The public face of Jeremy Corbyn's son Seb

The public face of Jeremy Corbyn's son Tommy
Jeremy Corbyn's son Ben with one of his heroes Gerry Adams - and sporting "Palestine: end the occupation" t-shirt
UPDATED 26 Feb 2016: Following on from this week's revelations that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn really loves following antisemites on twitter, comes the news that his son Tommy (about whom I reported below) is the student who runs the anti-Israel group who arranged a performance of an antisemitic play at York University this week.

UPDATED 24 August 2015: It's a hat-trick!! All three of Corbyn's sons suffer from the same disorder as their father:

For anti-Semitic Israel haters the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his family really are the gift that keeps on giving. Following on from the revelation that Ben Corbyn - Jeremy's son - uses his Facebook page to disseminate blood libels against Israel, it turns out that both his other sons  Tommy and Seb have the same compulsive urge to spew anti-Israel hatred in public. Although it seems Tommy has (since yesterday when Fair Brit tipped me off about this) changed read access to his Facebook posts to 'Friends only' his profile picture (still visible as shown above) tells you all you need to understand the depths of his Israel-hating obsession. And (update!) I can now confirm we have a hat-trick and full-house. Seb Corbyn's banner facebook profile - like his brother's - spews the destroy Israel "Free Palestine" message and, additionally for good measure, throws in the blood libel that Israel is massacring Palestinians and calls for sanctions against Israel.

Those who still maintain that Jeremy Corbyn "does not have an antisemitic bone in his body" might wish to explain why the one thing in the world that he and ALL his children actually seem to think and dream about more than anything else is the destruction of the tiny Jewish state, a place they all know nothing about and which has done them no harm?

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