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Covering up "Israel apartheid week" as some kind of legitimate protest (UPDATED!)

Express 21/2/2106: covering up for antisemitism
UPDATE: I received a very rapid - and positive response - from the Sunday Express. See below.

The following is a self-explanatory letter I have written to the Sunday Express (depressing when you realise that the Express is the least anti-Israel newspaper in the UK):
I was pleased to see the article on Page 2 of today's Express ("Anti-semitism at Oxford for years").  However, I was shocked to discover that the article actually covered up the event that triggered Alex Chalmers to expose the anti-Semitism of the University Labour Club. The article describes the trigger as follows:
The latest row erupted after the Labour students voted to support a week of events to highlight Israel's controversial policies towards Palestinians
In fact, what the students voted to support was the notorious "Israel Apartheid week" - an event  based on lies and antisemitic propaganda, whose sole intention  is to delegitimize the Jewish State. The organisers of the event support terrorism against Jewish civilians and seek the complete destruction of the Jewish State. And the event is all the more offensive coming as it does with Israel's civilians under multiple unprovoked Palestinian terrorist attacks each day. To describe such an event as one that "highlights Israel's controversial policies towards Palestinians" is appallingly misleading. It will have left readers of the article totally perplexed, as well as believing that Jews wish to shut down legitimate debate and protest.
Update: Within an hour of sending my complaint to the Sunday Express I received the following response from the Editor:
Dear Mr Davidson
Thank you for your letter in regard to our story on anti-semitism at Oxford University. It was certainly not our intention to mislead anyone and if we have done so I will certainly make sure that your letter is published and a wrong is put right. The Sunday Express takes the issue of anti-semitism extremely seriously, bringing, as it does, shame on our nation, and we intend to run further articles in the future highlighting the issue. I am very grateful to you for bringing the possible inaccuracies in our story to my attention. 
All the very best, as ever, 
Martin Townsend
Editor Sunday Express 

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