Thursday, September 24, 2015

Understanding main stream media jargon about Israel

Media term
Real definition
Brainwashed anti-Semite who has no interest in the welfare of Palestinians but whose main interest in life is to see Israel destroyed as a Jewish state
Western peace activist in the occupied territories
“Pro-Palestinian” as above who also incites and participates in acts of violence against Israeli civilians and provides cover for terrorists intent on killing Israeli civilians
“Free Palestine”
“Destroy the Jewish State of Israel”
Israeli settler
A Jew living in Israel
Israeli settlement
A city or town in Israel
Palestinian refugee
(In 95% of the cases) An Arab whose only connection to the land is that they had an ancestor who came to live there (typically from Syria or Egypt) because of the economic opportunities brought by Jews between 1880 and 1948.
Palestinian moderate
An Arab who demands the end of the Jewish State but who is prepared to allow a small number of “pre 1948 Jews” to live there under Sharia law
Israeli moderate
A Jewish Israeli (normally from the Communist Party) who demands the end of the Jewish State.
Israeli extremist
Any Jew  not prepared to hand over the whole of Israel to the unelected, anti-Semitic, corrupt, terrorist supporting Palestinian Authority
Palestinian extremist
On those rare occasions where this term is still used it refers to a Palestinian who has just massacred at least 10 Jews in a terrorist attack
Jewish terrorist
Either a) a Jewish teenager who has written graffiti on a wall; or b) Someone to blame for an unsolved Arab on Arab crime
Palestinian terrorist
This term is not in use.  
Occupied territories
Indigenous Jewish areas of East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria now made up of
·         (95%): Jew-free areas under the control of either the Palestinian Authority or the Jordanian Waqf
·         (5%): areas that have had a continuous Jewish presence except between 1948 and 1967 when they were illegally occupied by Jordan
Illegal under international law (as in “Israeli settlements”)
A resolution passed at the UN by the built-in majority of the world’s undemocratic anti-Israel states (including 58 Islamic states and a bunch of communist/socialist regimes) that bears no resemblance to ‘law’ and is blatantly contradicted by practice in the rest of the world
Palestinian child killed by Israel
A Palestinian under the age of 26 who was either a) a member of Hamas/Islamic Jihad; b)  Killed by a misfired Hamas rocket; or c) used as a human shield by Hamas
Mosque, school or hospital (in connection with place attacked by Israel during conflict)
Place from where missiles are stored and launched

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