Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 years ago a different refugee crisis triggered a very different international response

This is a follow up to my posting comparing the current Muslim refugee crisis to the Jews in the Holocaust. The propaganda, lies and hypocrisy being pumped out by the main stream media and leftists is becoming nauseating (Daphne Anson covers the bias in this post). It is also worth pointing out:
  1. The people shouting the loudest about how the world is not doing enough to help with the current regugee crisis, are the very same people who are most active in trying to bring about a far bigger and more catastrophic refugee crisis.
  2. Specifically, they are the very same people who want to see "Palestine free from the river to the sea", i.e. the end of Israel - the only stable democracy in the Middle East - as a Jewish state.
  3. If these people got their 'wish' it would certainly lead to the flight of all 6.5 million Jews living there. Moreover, since it would also result in a Hamas/ISIS take over that would lead to the final and total destabilisation of the entire Middle East, ensuring many more millions of Muslims fleeing to Europe. 
Apart from the Israel angle there are other important points about the refugee crisis that are ignored by the main stream media: Such as
  1. The irony of leftists/bleeding heart liberals who claim to be dedicated to improving conditions in 3rd world countries, yet insist that all the best and brightest people from those countries must be allowed to leave and live in the west.
  2. The continued refusal to demand that wealthy Muslim countries take responsibility for their own crisis. The left's inherent racism is driving this - they think the refugees 'deserve better' than to be resettled in 'non-progessive' Muslim countries.
  3. The refusal to acknowledge that the new Muslim refugees in Europe will bring not just their antisemitic, homophobic prejudices, but also the same Muslim wars to the streets of Europe. Read this for a taste of what to expect much more widely. 
  4. The refusal to acknowledge that, while it is Islam that is causing these people to flee, Islam is still the one thing they are determined to bring with them.
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fairbrit said...

Re-reading the expulsion of our people from their homes in Gaza, and the brilliant way you make the comparison with today's Muslim refugees, reminds me of how vilified we Jews remain in both the media and in the collective unconscious psyche of non-Jews. I reach this conclusion, as you do, because there IS no other explanation as to why the Gaza Jews' plight received absolutely no outcry from the international human rights workers and no compassion or sympathy. Once again, Jews were 'blamed' for what happened in Gaza, just as they are 'blamed' for the Holocaust.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Fairbrit: Indeed the only people condemned were the refugees themselves for having the temerity to build a thriving community and making a barren dessert flourish