Friday, August 21, 2015

Must watch video for those who think George Galloway is not an evil liar and hypocrite

 As reported here George Galloway is currently hosting the 10-13.00 phone-in slot on LBC. Anybody who still has any doubts about what a nasty piece of work Galloway is must watch the video linked to in the self-explanatory complaint letter to LBC below (hat tip to Ambrosine for video). Worth saving this video because many others like this exposing Galloway seem to have vanished from YouTube.
Dear LBC

George Galloway: liar and hypocrite
The people who made the decision to allow George Galloway a one week slot are clearly unaware of what an odious character he is. I challenge you to watch this short video of him and not accept that he is a liar, hypocrite, terrorist supporter and also blatantly antisemitic**.

The clip also demonstrates that he is uniquely unsuitable to be a radio phone-in host since he clearly seeks to censor callers who do not support his obsession with seeking the destruction of the Jewish State. So why are you employing him (and also helping his political campaign to be mayor of London)?


Edgar Davidson



fairbrit said...

THANK YOU, Edgar Davidson, for posting this video. I watched it with a sense of revulsion and impotency. How is it possible that in the UK circa 2015 a presenter on a mainstream radio show is allowed to hurl abuse such as 'Zionist rat' at a caller? How is it that LBC Radio offers Galloway [a known disseminator of lies about Israel and Zionism] a platform from which he can continue to misinform listeners?

The link above is to the complaints form of Ofcom. I may feel impotent but your posting has given me the courage and strength to complain to them. I will let you know what transpires.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Fairbrit: Yes good luck with the complaint.

Anonymous said...

I have a small collection of youtube videos downloaded, including when he took a convoy of equipment to supply hamas, him handing over large sum of money and calling for the death of more jews (he called on hamas to send more rockets into israel).

Muslim Galloway is a truely evil man.