Friday, August 14, 2015

Why you should not be surprised that LBC is employing George Galloway

I've been seeing lots of irate Facebook postings about LBC's decision to employ George Galloway for a week (while James O'Brien is away) on the 10.00-13.00 slot. I do not understand why anybody is surprised or even angry about this. Having Galloway on fits very well with LBC's narrative. Indeed the 10am slot has always been dominated by obsessive anti-Israel jerks (Livingstone and Mellor perform that role on Saturdays while James O'Brien does it on weekdays). There are plenty of other LBC presenters who hate Israel - even the so-called 'conservative' ones like Andrew Pierce.

I've been tracking LBC's anti-Israel obsession for a few years now - so I thought it was worth providing a set of links to previous postings (I have actually given up complaining** to them now):

**Note that none of these even touches on the hard-core anti-Israel obsession of Livingstone and Mellor - expecting any change from them on their Israel hatred would be the equivalent of stopping their oxygen supply. The fact that LBC has allowed this to go on for years now tells you everything you need to know.


Anonymous said...

Mellor was spotted a few months ago very animatedly discussing business in Tel Aviv. Has he changed his view or is he just chasing the money?

Anonymous said...

LBC might well be the most PC, the most aiding and abetting of islamic terrorism and the most treasonous radio station in the uk.

On any phone in with the subject of something involving islam or muslims, lbc not only routinely parrott the islamic warfare lying themselves or actually prompt a muslim calling in to lie, but are more than happy to let muslims phone in with the most obvious of lying tirades with no effort to counter them (often agreeing with them in fact).

Of course if anyone phones in with factual information from the muslims own sources to counter the muslims warefare lying they are quickly allmost allways shut down.

Something else repulsive that i have noticed with lbc, are the radio hosts that like to say how moral they are but in fact show anyone with eyes to see (or rather ears to hear), that they are anything but.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

TruthHurts287: Indeed even the so-called 'conservatives' on LBC adopt the 'Islam is a religion of peace' line and accuse you of being a racist if you challenge it.