Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome to Twitter: Baroness Warsi and George Galloway considered identical twins

Screenshot of my first twitter experience from last week

I recently decided to open a Twitter account (@EdgarDavidson81) and one of the first things I did was to 'follow' the most corrupt, nasty, incompetent - and currently unelected - politician in the UK. No, I am not talking about George Galloway, but former Conservative Minister Baroness Warsi. People who follow this blog will know my views about her and why.

And look what happened immediately after I clicked the 'follow' button. The very first recommendation twitter made for me to follow was none other than George Galloway.  Now I wonder what it is about 'conservative' Baroness Warsi and socialist George Galloway that makes twitter identify them as the 'most similar' tweeters? It surely can have nothing to do with the fact that these two 'politicians' share an obsessive hatred of Israel along with an obsessive compulsion to promote Islamist supremacism while forever playing down the Islamist terrorist threat?

And just to prove my point look at the most recent tweet posted by Warsi. For those who do not understand it the hashtag #AliDawabshe that she uses is dedicated to the Palestinian child who died as a result of the recent arson attack that was imediately blamed on 'Jewish terrorists' even though the evidence now suggests this is unlikely.  If you want to see some of the worse examples of antisemitism and Israel hatred, coupled with complete lies** and blood libels then I suggest you look at  #AliDawabshe which Warsi promotes here. And also note that she links to one of the many appalling Haaretz articles which immediately blamed Jews and held the whole of Israel (except for Haaretz readers) guilty.

By saying "When terrorists hijack a great faith" in relation to "Jewish terrorists"  Warsi is trying to be clever and 'ironic' by using what people (like her actually) say about Islam in the aftermath of Islamic terrorist attacks.  Except that nobody knows who committed the arson that killed Ali Dawabshe, and dozens of deadly Islamist terrorist attacks happen every day, while 'Jewish terrorists' are almost unheard of. And, in total contrast to Palestinians and their leaders who celebrate every terrorist attack against Jews (and honour the terrorists), Israelis universally condemn any attack carried out by Jews. But you won't find Warsi providing any of that perspective.

** One of the many bizarre lies promoted at #AliDawabshe is that a Jewish settler has already been arrested, tried and sentenced to just six months for the murder of Ali Dewabshe.

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