Thursday, August 13, 2015

JCORE These Jews do not speak for me

Tonight's Evening Standard carries this prominent article about a letter from JCORE (Jewish Council for Racial Equality) signed by "two hundred people, including rabbis" which slams the Government's handling of the migrant crisis.  JCORE make the classic mistake of assuming that 'as Jews' they have to be at the forefront of welcoming all refugees because - in their own words - "The Jewish refugees' experience is still a vivid memory for many in our community".

Like those who consider any killing of civilians to be on a par with the Nazi Holocaust,  the assumption that every refugee experience can be compared to that of the Jewish refugees is simply wrong; it minimises the scale of the Jewish suffering, understates the unique extent to which Jews avoided  being a burden to their host countries, and totally demeans those countries (like the UK) who are struggling to accommodate the refugees -  but who are compared to Nazis even though they did not create the crisis. 

As readers of this blog will be aware I have absolutely no respect for David Cameron and his government. But of all the subjects for Jewish organisations to slam the government, this should not be one of them. Instead, maybe they should be asking the obvious question that nobody else seems to dare: why are Western countries expected to take in unlimited Arab Muslim "refugees" while far wealthier (and under-populated) Arab Muslim countries like Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Bahrein, etc never are despite them sharing the same religion, language and culture?

Moreover, if JCORE were doing the job their name implies they should be focusing on the rampant racial inequality suffered by Jews in the UK in the form of the relentless anti-semitism disguised as anti-Zionism. For example, they should be demanding why the Jewish State - and indeed Jewish owned businesses in the UK - are being singled out for boycotts that are truly reminiscent of those that the Nazis implemented. This includes legislation that Cameron's government is forcing through the EU such as the labelling and boycott of goods from Jewish owned businesses in places like Jerusalem. That is blatant racial discrimination and JCORE should be fighting it and demanding equality for Jews. Yet they have never said a word about it. And while they are now criticising the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond for his comments about refugees, it is curious that JCORE (and indeed other 'official' Jewish organisations) were totally silent when last month Hammond made the most libellous antisemitic statement ever issued by a British Cabinet member when he said that Israel wanted to spike the Iran deal because it 'wanted to maintain a permanent state of war'.

Yet again British Jews are being poorly served by the self-appointed, self-important nobodies of the 'official' Jewish organisations, who feel that they are somehow 'morally superior' to the rest of us plebs.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on. I wrote to Jcore in exactly the same vein and got some mealy mouthed response. At the very least they should change their website to "a Jewish voice" rather than false representation of "the leading Jewish voice".