Friday, March 06, 2015

Why was this incredible story of Muslim antisemitism ignored by the media?

Imagine if, in the centre of a major UK city, the hearse carrying the coffin of a Muslim dignitary to a mosque for a funeral service was blocked off by a mob of Jews shouting anti-Muslim abuse and shaking the hearse while raising the Israeli flag.

Such a story would certainly make international news - probably for days on end.  Outraged politicians of all parties would offer sympathy to the Muslim community and demand the arrest of the Jews involved and there would be weeks of soul-searching by the Jewish community about its responsibility for this disgrace in its name.

Well it transpires that exactly such an event took place in the centre of Bradford, except the role of the religions was reversed. So the story never made it into the public domain (as far as I can find). In fact, it was only revealed as a footnote in a report today by Ben Judah
..on one of the last occasions the Jews gathered visibly in the street outside the synagogue for a funeral something went terribly wrong. The hearse carrying the remains of the son of one the founding rabbis of the synagogue was trying to reach the synagogue, but both ends of the street were mysteriously blocked with traffic. Rudi says then Asian youths burst out and began shaking the hearse. Others saw them fly a Palestinian flag.
I found Judah's report in this Elder of Ziyon article about antisemitism in the UK, which features a shocking video from the Daily Mail showing the antisemitism directed at a journalist wearing a kippah in the streets of the UK.

It is ironic that the Daily Mail article - like the BBC Radio 4 programme on antisemitism that I blogged about yesterday - tries to suppress the fact that the antisemitism is almost exclusively from Muslims. And that, presumably, is the reason why the funeral story was suppressed. I would also not be surprised if the Board of Deputies of British Jews did everything possible to suppress the story in the interests of 'preserving community relations', i.e. so as not to compromise their main objective of sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood. But I will never know because the Board of Deputies never responds to any letters I ever send them.


Stephen Franklin said...

It isn't true that anti-Semitism in Britain is almost exclusively from Muslims. There are plenty of non-Muslim anti-Semites around.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Yes there are are plenty of non-Muslims antisemites in the UK. But all the most serious acts of antisemitism are now committed by Muslims. And if and when a major terrorist attack is carried out against exclusively Jewish targets (as has already happened in France, Belgium, and Denmark) it WILL be by Muslims. That's why the obsession that the real threat comes from 'right wing extremists' is not only naive, but it will also cost lives.

howard fuller said...

The ati-Semitism I come across is from two main sources these days (1) a substantial section of the Muslim community (though far from all it has to be said) and (2) the ant-imperialist so-called left who masquerade their hate under the "anti-Zionism" banner.

A few years ago I came across one these anti-imperialist types sporting a Palestine Solidarity Campaign badge who agressively told me he beleived in the "free movement of all people except for Jews". He was taken to task by a Labour Party member but I remain shocked at the bigotry that exists on the far-left and among their fellow travellers.