Thursday, March 05, 2015

The BBC's very own unintended Purim spiel

The upsurge in anti-semitism in the UK in the last 3 years has been caused almost entirely by obsessive anti-Israel media coverage during conflicts with Gaza; the resulting anti-semitic attacks are almost exclusively carried out by Muslims (and sometimes their leftist allies), whipped into a frenzy over lies of Israeli war crimes.

The BBC is, more than any other British institution, responsible for this demonization of the Jewish state. Perhaps it was therefore appropriate for Purim that BBC Radio 4 ran a programme this evening about rising antisemitism in the UK where the role of the BBC's own incitement was ignored, and the blame was placed on ... 'right wing extremists'.  While there are certainly still active Nazi type groups who use social media to target Jews, this pales into insignificance compared to Muslim anti-semitism, but the BBC did an incredible job of covering this up. After 20 of the 30 minute programme spent talking about right-wing extremists they interviewed Jewish MP Lee Scott whose life was threatened 'by two men' because of his perceived pro-Israel stance. No mention that the men were Muslims and although Muslim antisemitism was then very briefly mentioned, the programme took pains to state that 'there were actually more Islamaphobic attacks in Britain than there were antisemitic attacks'. This is highly misleading because a) the Muslim community is over ten times larger; and b) Most reported Islamaphobic attacks - in contrast to those against Jews - are simply social media postings reported to the fraudulent website Tell Mama. Jews are actually sixteen times more likely to suffer an attack because of their religion than Muslims.

Update: video of anti-semitism on the streets of the UK.

Important Update: why was this incredible story of Muslim antisemitism completely ignored by the media?

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