Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The UK media and the Nigerian kidknappings: "Muslims are the real victims"

The UK media's cover-up of the Islamist anti-Christian aspect of the Nigerian kidnapping has been more or less total. The fact that the girls were Christians was barely mentioned - instead we were treated to staged scenes of Muslims 'praying' for their safe return so that the clear implication was that, although Boko Haram was clearly an 'Islamist group', it was Muslims who were the real victims here. When the images of the girls dressed in hijabs were released yesterday, instead of focusing on the real story in that (the forced conversions) the media simply presented the images without that context at all and left viewers/readers to conclude that these were indeed all Muslim victims. Just look, for example, at how Yasmin Alibhai Brown, presents the story in the Independent. There are two 24-hour news stations in the UK - BBC News and Sky News. Both of these channels are spinning the same lie.

The fact that Boko Haram has been massacring Christians in their thousands in Nigeria for years has been completely ignored by the western media (for the same reason that the media completely ignores the Jihad wars in places like the Philippines, Thailand and China, the fanatical antisemitism prevalent in the Muslim world, and the constant Palestinian terror attacks against Israel). It does not fit their "Muslims as minorities/victims" narrative. The few website (like some of those listed in my links) that have consistently reported the Boko Haram attacks (and indeed reported these kidnappings 4 weeks ago when they actually happened) are vilified as 'hate sites' for reporting the truth.

The only unusual aspect of this story is that the western media finally covered it all, while ignoring far worse massacres carried out by Boko Haram. Daniel Greenfield has an excellent analysis of the reasons for this

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