Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More on James O'Brien and his claim not be an antisemite

Last week I wrote about the self-righteous James O'Brien (LBC presenter) explaining why, despite his protestations to the contrary, he was an antisemite based solely on his demonization of Israel. Since then I stumbled across an old email that someone sent me which illustrates that O'Brien is just a good old fashioned antisemite. The email was in response to the 2012 false story that the deadly terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi was in response to an anti-Muslim youtube video produced by 'an Israeli funded by 50 rich American Jews' (the video - which had absolutely nothing to do with terrorist attack -  was actually the work of an Egyptian Copt with no 'Jewish' involvement at all):
Same problem with James O'Brien on the LBC phone in . He repeatedly referred to the producer being an Israeli Jew . In order to reinforce the stereotype , he mentioned the standard trope of a 'shadowy group of cigar chomping individuals (early Hollywood Jewish moguls smoking cigars) and congratulating themselves on achieving the desired outcome. I eventually got through to one of his team informing her that as of the previous evening, AP and the Huff had identified him as being a 55 year old Coptic Christian from Egypt. It was obvious O Brian's researchers had not done their homework or as more likely were closed down.  Needless to say I was not put through and O Brien was allowed to carry on slating the Jews for something that was nothing to do with them.  I'm not surprised. O'Brien has previous form on Israel and it's all bad .
Joke is, on the same programme he went on to castigate the Sun for their reporting of the Hillsboro disaster labelling the Sun gutter press .
Man is a hypocrite without parallel.


Anonymous said...

i cant agree more

Teddy Bear said...

I too had an exchange of emails with O'Brien back in 2006 precisely on the same topic - of him being an anti-Semite.
They can be read here