Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More on Livni's meeting in London

I have reported on the demonstration outside the London Hotel venue where Tzipi Livni was speaking last week. Now I can report a friend's comments on what went on inside:
I haven't changed my opinion on Livni. She's arrogant, self opinionated and simply does not get it. She just kept going on about settlements and how wonderful she was with the negotiations. She is not somebody that you could warm to or forgive for her views. She spent about 45 minutes talking about herself and how wonderful Kerry was, leaving the Douglas Murray interview with only 15 minutes and he was far too easy on her. When he offered questions about 25 hands went up, but he only took 5 of them and she managed to squeeze out of the difficult ones by turning them around and not answering them.
At the end, everyone felt the same and were pretty disappointed with her and the lack of time for questions. One person I encountered wanted to know why she had said that compensation for Jews from Arab countries was not in the negotiations when it had been agreed that there would be no Palestinian compensation without compensation for Jews from the Middle East and North Africa. I wanted to ask her 2 questions:
1) why Jordan weren't brought into the negotiations, especially as they had an 85% Palestinian population.
2) why were they treating the "peace process" about land when it was actually a religious war and about Jews being in what was considered Muslim lands.
When Rosalind Pine asked her why as a solicitor and knowing the laws from San Remo was she not implementing them, she just replied coldly that that is not a question and moved on to the next person! One lady who innocently asked why couldn't the Palestinians move to the neighbouring counties. She replied something like (don't quote me) well you could want to move me to London, but I wouldn't because I like being where I am.


Anonymous said...

You are spot-on, Edgar. Her thinking is hackneyed and her hubris disheartening. There were so many unanswered questions, eg whether she thinks the Palestinians are really sincere in wanting a state.

Anonymous said...

She is the Pierre Laval of Israel.