Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Obama: a corrupt jerk who just cannot stop telling lies

From the post's heading you would be forgiven for thinking I was going to talk about the continuing revelations of Obama's brown-nosing to Iran and other Islamists around the world, his broken promises (and now threats) to Israel, or even his lies about ObamaCare (see my note to any American readers about this below).

In fact it is none of those, but it is a story (that I first found here with the source report here) that neatly sums up everything about Obama's lies and corruption. It is about his illegal immigrant uncle being granted a green card in the USA. While the story does not seem to have been totally ignored by the US main stream media, most of the reports I could find are spinning the line that, although he had lived in the country illegally for many years, Uncle Onyango Obama was a "model, tax-paying citizen" and that is why Judge Leonard Shapiro was more than happy to allow him to stay in the US. But on further reading the following facts are revealed:
  • Onyango (who is the brother of President Obama's father) testified on Tuesday that the president had stayed with him at his Cambridge apartment for three weeks when he came to attend Harvard Law School in the 1980s. This means that President Obama lied last year when he said he had never met Uncle Onyango. Since Onyango's statement under oath, President Obama has refused to comment.
  • Far from being a 'model citizen' he was arrested in 2011 for drunken driving. After his arrest, he allegedly told an officer, “I think I will call the White House”  - which may explain why he only served a year's probation.
  • He lied to an immigration agent in 1984 saying he had a green card, when he did not.
  • He defied  three deportation orders (1986, 1989, 2002) (see this earlier report).
  • As for him being a model tax-paying citizen it turns out he has three still unpaid tax liens for the years 1987, 1988 and 1990.  
  • The person who offered to vouch for Onyango's character in court, was none other than his sister - who also happens to be President Obama's beloved Auntie Zeituni. And she just also happens to have previously been an illegal immigrant who has apparently sponged off the state since arriving in the USA. The judge was so keen to grant Onyango his green card he said Zeituni's  testimony was unnecessary.
  • It was the same judge - Leonard  Shapiro - who also granted green card status to Auntie Zeituni. And while President Obama tried to deny he had ever meet his Uncle there are pictures of him with his Auntie when he was younger.
Of course, as usual, the American main stream media is ignoring the full facts of this story to cover for Obama. I'd like to know why at the very least they are not asking about why he said last year he had never met his uncle. They no doubt consider me to be a racist for even talking about it.

p.s. on the issue of ObamaCare, Americans may like to know that one of the ramifications of the 'relaunch' of the website is that it is actually blocked from the UK (and presumably other places) which it wasn't when it was first launched. Here is the message you get when you try to enter the website from the UK:

Update 5 Dec 2013: Obama now admits that the White House lied when it said he had never met his uncle. However, the attempt to claim that President Obama was not involved in the lie is so ludicrous you have to laugh about it.

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