Sunday, December 15, 2013

Israeli soldier killed by Lebanese sniper - Haaretz blames it on Israel

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that a 'lone' Lebanese gunman has fired at Israeli soldiers on the border and killed one soldier. This is clearly a very serious incident. But look at how Haaretz is reporting the story on its front page - relying on the Lebanese army's version of events to spin the story.
16 Dec 2013 Update. There was, of course, no 'border crossing' by Israeli soldiers. The soldier killed - Shlomi Cohen- was murdered on Israeli soil in yet another unprovoked attack by a Lebanese Jihadist 'soldier' who will not be prosecuted, and will now become a national hero for his actions. And of course no apology from Haaretz for its disgraceful reporting. Honest Reporting has details on other disgraceful reporting of this in the UK.
Shlomi Cohen of Afula - murdered for being a Jew

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