Sunday, December 29, 2013

Football Jihad: The media misses the key point over Anelka's antisemitic gesture

Anelka: goal celebration yesterday and previous photo with antisemitic 'comedian' Dieudonne M’bala M’bala
There are plenty of reports in the UK media (news as well as sports) today concerning French (Islamic convert) Nicolas Anelka's antisemitic salute (known in France as ‘la quenelle') that he used as a goal celebration yesterday playing for West Brom against West Ham in London.

However, most reports avoid the background on the antisemitic French 'comedian' and holocaust denier Dieudonne M’bala M’bala** (see, e.g. here and here). He is the one who invented ‘la quenelle', and he has a string of convictions in French courts for antisemitism, including just last week being found guilty of incitement to hatred and racial discrimination - a conviction which apparently triggered Anelka's response. Hence, not a single report has pointed out the curious nature of the 'defence' used by Anelka (and his club) that he was 'only making a dedication to his comedian friend'. On that basis any public figure doing a Nazi salute could justify it by claiming it is only a dedication to their friend Adolf Hitler for the unjust treatment he got from the media.

I wonder what Islamic convert Anelka finds so attractive in an antisemitic, Israel-hating, holocaust-denying comedian?

But, of course, Anelka is just the latest in a long line of Muslim footballers (as I reported previously here and here), who - like 'moderate' Muslims everywhere else in the world - never use their position to speak out about the atrocities committed in the name of their religion but are always keen to add their voice to campaigns against either Israel or - in this case - in support of antisemitic Israel hating 'comedians'.

**His act is focused on ridiculing Jews and making fun of the Holocaust (which he denies - he called Holocaust remembrance as "memorial pornography"). His act includes sharp one-liners like "The biggest crooks in the world, that’s the Jews" and his many convictions for antisemitism include one where he was fined for calling a prominent Jewish television presenter a "secret donor of the child-murdering Israeli army".

Update: The "It's OK - it was anti-Zionist and not antisemitic" defence

Update: More on this at Daphne Anson while Stephen Hoffman has an open letter to Anelka's club West Brom here.

Update: Excellent article about who Dieudonne really is here.

Update 6 Jan 2014: More football Jihad news

Update 23 Jan2014: Sky News puff piece on Dieudonne 

Update: For the record I do not believe in censorship of free speech. I believe Anelka has every right - if he so wishes - to make any kind of antisemitic gesture that he wants. I want the world to know what kind of a person he is and what kind of people he looks up to. I would love the British public to know that Anelka - along with almost every other French Muslim - idolises M'bala simply because of that man's intense hatred of Jews. For the same reason I would love the world to hear the antisemitism which dominates the Arab media and, indeed much of the Muslim world. What I detest is the disgusting self-censorship of the left wing media which stops people knowing those true views of Islamists and what is going on in the Muslim world. This is the reason why I especially deplore all those media do-gooders who say that people like Anjem Choudary - one of the few British Muslims who actually speaks the truth about the Muslim agenda - should be denied any media platform.

Update: I have now compiled a catalogue of players involved in the football Jihad


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a former Gooner

Anonymous said...

If he actually reads the Koran in a language that he can understand he will find that it places black skins a way down the queue of desirability.Just ask the very few descendants of the many millions of black slaves taken to the middle East if you can find any.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what Islamic convert Anelka finds so attractive in an Islamic supremacist, antisemitic, Israel-hating, holocaust-denying comedian?"

Dieudonne M'bala M'bala is not a Muslim. He is a secular comedian and he's made jokes about Islam too. Also why would the famous right-wing politician Jean-Marie Le Pen be close friends with an "Islamic supremacist?"

And Anelka is not the only famous French athlete who is friends with or likes Dieudonne...

Jerome Le Banner

Teddy Riner

Mathieu Deplagne

Tony Parker

Thierry Henry

Interestingly none of them are Muslim.


Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

To anonymous

Thanks for the interesting links.

I had been told that Dieudonne M'bala M'bala was a Muslim, but as it is not actually relevant I have removed that reference from the post. What is absolutely certain is that he draws enormous support from French muslims and blacks who clearly find his antisemitism attractive.

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