Sunday, April 10, 2011

Insanity all round

With Hamas now launching 70 rockets a day into Southern Israel, resulting in a million civilians confined to bomb shelters, the world ignores this crime against humanity, and only reports on Israeli responses, which have been limited to a small number of clinical strikes on terrorists in Gaza. Even the remarkable and unprecedented successes of Israel's new Iron Dome system in intercepting a number of Grad missiles has gone completely unreported for the simple reason that to report it would mean having to report that the terrorist government of Gaza is launching missiles against Israel.  And we can't have the public in the West knowing that can we?

Yet, while the Arab league has now gone to the UN to try to enforce a no-fly zone over Gaza to ensure Israel has no means of defending itself, Israel announces one of the dumbest things imaginable. Influenced by its own insane leftists, Israel's army has announced new maps of Gaza that highlight 3,000 buildings and various infrastructure sites that should not be attacked in any conflict like UN facilities, schools, homes, etc. In other words the exact types of sites that Hamas uses both to store its missiles and to launch them from. And when will the Israelis learn that the world will condemn them no matter what targets they strike in Gaza?  If the entire Al Quaeda leadership was standing in Gaza by a set of missile launchers about to send nuclear weapons, the world would be united in its condemnation of Israel if Israel struck them down. Is it any wonder that Hamas, with its new ally in Egypt egging it on and enabling ever more sophisticated weapons to get into Gaza, is getting stronger and more confident?

Last week Netanyahu said that the Hamas attack on a school bus 'crossed a red line' - meaning presumably that 70 rockets a day and the total paralysis of Southern Israel was fine by him. If only Netanyahu would read and understanding this article by Sultan Knish things might start to improve.


Anonymous said...

The Hamas has intentionally aimed its anti-tank missile at a YELLOW SCHOOL BUS knowing that it will have CHILDREN on-board. The only thing they did not know was that this particular bus at that particular moment had only one child on-board. The child was critically wounded, and the bus driver was also severely wounded. Their intension was to mass-murder tens of children.

Edgar Davidson said...

All the other Hamas missiles are aimed intentionally at civilians. And when they attack in person - as at Itamar they are especially keen to kill children. What is disgraceful about Netanyahu's 'red line' comment is that he is also giving Hamas a green light to carry on firing missiles - as long as they do not hit a school bus. For the Grad and Qassam missiles, whether or not they hit any particular target is pure chance. By Netanyahu's logic, it is fine for Hamas to continue throwing everything they want at Israel as long as Israel ensures that a)all the children are permanently in shelters; b) pure luck and/or the occasional iron dome success ensures. This is a recipe for national paralysis.