Friday, April 15, 2011

If a story - no matter how big - does not fit the anti-Israel narrative then ignore it or just blame Israel anyway

Over the years I have provided many examples of the main stream media ignoring stories, no matter how big, which do not fit the "Israel bad, Palestinians good" narrative.

There is a very big story of this sort out of Gaza today. The fanatical anti-Israel Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni has been brutally murdered by an Islamist Al Quaeda affiliated group after he was abducted in an attempt by that group to have one of their leaders released by Hamas. Elder of Ziyon has a very good report about the context of the story here.

But, as usual in these cases, the 'other story' is the failure of the entire main stream media either to report the story at all or to report it properly. So, for example, as of 12.00 today the story was not covered at all on ANY of the major web news outlets (yahoo, google news, BBC news, sky news). The left-wing Israeli rag Haaretz buried the story well away from its 'front page' (after all their idiotic editors probably found it too hard to parse). But, as soon as Hamas made the bizarre claim that Israel committed the killing, you can guess what happened. Suddenly the media, such as google news (at 1.00pm) was reporting:
Hamas claims Israel killed Italian to stop Gaza flotilla
In fairness, google news was pointing to this Jerusalem Post story but, of course, that headline and story has a different context in Israel. 

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prasad said...

Israel and Palestinian is a very long conflict both sides sit together and have a peace talks then they can find a good solution for this problem but this situation has to be changed. If this fighting continuous among them it will not only effect in that region but also this can effect on allover the world.