Friday, April 01, 2011

Demonisation of Israel propaganda reaches new heights: popular TV series V has Israeli behind world-wide suicide bomb attacks against civilians.

Living in London, anti-Israel propaganda is now almost impossible to avoid. Whether it is the surprising inclusion of anti-Israel material in an art gallery exhibition or West End play you are seeing, or the ignorant hate mob outside Marks and Spencer and Ahava when you go shopping in the West End, or just walking along Piccadilly where you can see people selling t-shirts and posters with the most vicious messages, it has become all pervasive. So, given all of that plus the relentless demonisation of Israel on TV news and current affairs programmes, it is nice to know that occasionally you can indulge in some light entertainment that is guaranteed not to get you agitated with any political (let alone anti-Israel) message. Until yesterday there was one TV programme that, for me, provided such a piece of indulgance: The Sci-fi series V (showing on the Syfy channel).

But in last night’s episode we ‘discover’ that simultaneous suicide bombings against civilian targets in New York and every major city of the world were coordinated out by …. Israelis. The plot even claims that only Israelis have the ‘technology’ for this sort of destruction. The ‘international world-wide conspiracy’ (yes that very expression was used) is traced to Mossad agent ‘Eli Cohen’ (if you are going to go with the standard ludicrous lies and stereotypes then, hey, why not go the full way). Cohen has a warehouse full of suicide bomb vests waiting to be used in the next round of attacks.

Now, if you want to go for real stereotypes, I seem to recall that it is Muslim terrorists (never once Israelis) who are the ones who are rather keen on simultaneous suicide bomb attacks against civilian targets. Even Obama has not been scared to call Al Quaeda terrorists (although he has ignored the fact that every Islamist organisation in the world uses this tactic). So you would have thought that the V producers might at least have had Al Quaeda as the ones behind the bombing rather than Israelis. But no. It appears that this would have been offensive to Muslims. Far better to demonise the Israelis/Jews as they don’t have a right to get offended.

What is really galling about this is the casual way that Israelis are now used in drama/fiction as the ‘evil, vicious, guys’. I doubt if the V producer/writer even stopped to think that they might be causing offence with their choice of inverted reality. But the masses now believe that this inverted version of reality is genuinely representative of reality.That is the result of the continual barrage of demonisation over the last few years. And it really does seem now that nowhere is safe from this demonisation of Israel.

p.s. Yes I admit that this posting provided a gratuitous opportunity for posting a photo of the lovely 'alien known as Lisa' who stars in V.


Anonymous said...

Благодарю за информацию действительно увлекательно, однако меня также интересуют и новости голографии. Надо же развиваться в области голографии

in the vanguard said...

I'll bet you don't see too much mingling of religious Jews among casual pedestrian traffic in England any more either. With the Arab/Muslim sector as big as it already is, and growing still, I'll bet you have a large percentage of Jews reconsidering their permanence living under British-soon-to-turm-Moslem sovereignty. And if they're not yet moving, I'll wager there are plenty of contingency plans already in the works.

The non-religious still have a little more time to lie in camouflage, although how they can tolerate living among scum is also perplexing.