Monday, August 02, 2010

Tom Jones and Pink Floyd: their role in the next Middle East war

As usual the world is disinterested in the latest series of rocket attacks against Israel, but the world will be very interested soon because when Israel mounts the necessary counter-attacks they are going to need to be substantial. In case anybody has missed the details (and you certainly will not see them in the UK media) the last few days have seen the Grad missile attack against Ashkelon, a wave of Kassams against Sderot, and today's rocket attacks against Eilat. One of the attacks against Sderot completely destroyed a hydrotherapy centre for disabled children (there is a very good eye witness account here and video here).

Only idiots fail to realise that Hamas is bolstered to mount these attacks because it is being increasingly supported by the Western media who in turn have brainwashed the public about the 'Palestinian cause'. I've written many times about the disproportionate amount of money provided by Western governments and charities to the Palestinians of Gaza. There is a great video here about the sheer scale and immorality of money going to Palestinians. Hamas are even complaining that there are too many goods coming freely into the Gaza from Israel. Given that information and the fact that Hamas wants to goad Israel into a full-blown war (with some pushing of course from Iran), is there anything more nauseating than the story that a host of top celebrities in the UK staged an event to raise money for the people of Gaza? This story was actually reported (very approvingly of course as showing great belevolence by the celebrities) in the Sun a couple of weeks ago and I kept meaning to blog about it but did not have the time. But I found a good report about it here. The event was hosted by the half-Jewish dimwit Jemima Goldsmith and her former Taliban loving husband husband Imran Khan. Depressingly, celebrities who performed included Tom Jones, Pink Floyd and Kate Moss (go figure the latter). The event raised £400,000. In future they could make things easier for themselves by just handing over the rockets.


Juniper in the Desert said...

According to israel matzav blog, there have been 110 attacks on Israel since the start of 2010.

Juniper in the Desert said...

The Hoping foundation,mentioned in the blog you referenced, was started by one of Lucian Freud's daughters, Bella Freud.

The great grand-daughter of one of the greatest Jews and scientists that ever lived - Sigmund Freud- is promoting the very people that wanted to destroy him!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting what Kate Moss's good friend Philip green thinks about her support for the Hamas Government.

Anonymous said...

Juniper in the desert said:

"According to israel matzav blog, there have been 110 attacks on Israel since the start of 2010."

.. and the attacks today from Lebanon are a sure indication that Iran is mobilising all its proxies to provoke the war that Ahmedinejad 'predicted' last week.