Monday, August 30, 2010

The insanity of the Israeli left

While bloggers like myself spend a lot of effort criticising the Western media for their systematic anti-Israel agenda, it is easy to forget that the most consistent and hysterical attempts to deligitimize Israel come from Israelis themselves - namely left-wing academics and journalists (notably from Haaretz). For example, Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy was this week in the UK demonizing Israel as guest speaker at a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign meeting in which 'Zionists' were told to leave. What many Jews in the UK are totally unaware of is that Levy is not an exception; he represents the mainstream opinion of the Haaretz newspaper. Just look at today's three opinion pieces on the front page of Haaretz online (this is just screenshot from it):

  • Gov't trying to blur borders with West Bank theater shows. This piece, about Israeli actors note, starts with "The refusal by actors to perform in occupied territory is not delegitimization of the state, as the prime minister claims, but the expression of a legitimate and worthy position.
  • Does the IDF consider Jewish teenagers a security risk. This piece starts with "Two weeks ago, a group of teenagers marched between Nablus and Jericho, absorbing the beauty of the land and the ugliness of the soldiers they encountered."
  • Israel's corrupt capitalism isn't going anywhere
People in the West assume that if an Israeli deligitimizes Israel then somehow that 'proves the point'. But that would be the same as accepting that Britan is a racist, anti-Islamic imperialistic state because that is what George Galloway says when he goes on his speaking tours of Syria.
The problem is that Israel has plenty of its own George Galloways. Like most leftists anywhere in the world they make a disproportionate amount of noise (because of their dominance of the media), they hate their own country and are keen to tell the world how much they do so. But that does not make them representative of the majority (note to the Jewish Chronicle: can you please stop publishing full page opinion pieces by these Israeli George Galloways, which you now seem to do now every week).

One area where Israel is especially damaged is in the almost exclusively anti-Zionist agenda of its film industry, most of which is generously subsidized by the Israeli government (Debbie Schlussel has written consistently this). To give a feel for the depths to which Israeli film-makers will go to demonizing their own country, I found an incredible example in the May 24, 2010 issue of the Jerusalem Report (which itself is increasingly dominated by anti-Zionist articles). The article (page 36) talks (in glowing terms) about the film "My Name is Ahlam" by Israeli filmmaker Rima Essa which 'follows over a two-year period the life of Ahlam, a young (Palestinian) girl living in the Hebron area, who is battling leukemia". Since Ahlam lives in the Palestinian Authority area she is treated at the El Hussein Hospital in Beit Jala (which has an oncology ward) but the hospital cannot provide the chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant she needs. The article talks about the terrible bureacracy of the Palestinian Authority that Um Amad (Ahlam's mother) faces and the fact that Um Amad's husband is "angry with her for devoting time to Ahlam at the expense of their other five children and himself". But, and you can guess what is coming, the filmmaker's real anger focuses exclusively on those wicked Zionists. And why do you think she is so angered? Is it because Ahlam is denied medical treatment by the Israelis (who actually have no moral or legal obligation to provide it to citizens of the PA)? No, we find out that Ahlam is indeed treated in an Israeli hospital. So what is the cause of the anger? It turns out that the Israelis insist that Um Amad's husband (and not her) must accompany Ahlam to the hospital. Ah those wicked Israelis again. So what is the minor reason why Um Amad is not allowed in to Israel? She just happens to be the sister of a notorious suicide bomber who murdered Israelis. Nothing serious then (and of course Palestinian suicide bombers would never dream of targetting hospitals or killing Israelis who have cured them). The filmmaker says she:

  • "wanted to voice criticism about several subjects, starting with the Israeli military occupation. Punishing Um Amad because her brother was a shaheed [martyr] is a form of collective punishment that is unacceptable."

And remember: all of that is funded by the Israeli government.


Juniper in the Desert said...

I completely agree: a lot of this global anti-semitism/delegitimising of Israel would not be happening were it not for these kapo enablers!

Were do they think they will go if their evil and God-forbidden dream comes true? Once the world sees there is no Israel they will quickly make sure there are no Jews, including these obscenities!

Anonymous said...

It's the same with the left all over the world. Sultan Knish has a good article today about this very issue:

Anonymous said...

on his Iranian TV show George Galloway often quotes from "Haaretz"

now I know why.

I wish those writers realized that their exaggerated ramblings are being used for international propaganda to delegitimize the whole of Israel by people who want to destroy it

Anonymous said...

Ever has it been that man has worshipped a god that was not G-d.

These pseudo intellectuals have no need for facts. They have some guilt that has no basis in fact. You find it in the US with many feeling sorry for blacks that have never felt the lash or anything but favor from the government, but yet they claim the sting of racism and continually support a party that enslaves them.

I don't know how it can be called occupied territory since Israel liberated it in 68 and by international law it is now Israel.

What would these people replace Israel with? In a sane world they would be deported to Moslem countries to continue on as long as they could.

Unfortunately, sedition is considered free speech.