Wednesday, August 04, 2010

More world anti-Israel insanity

It is now clear that yesterday's skirmish on the Lebanese border was a terrorist attack on the Israeli soldiers with Hezbollah having been tipped off by the 'neutral' UN 'peace keeping force' (who happen to be from Islamist Malyasia). Elder of Ziyon has a comprehensive report from an independent source and Barry Rubin has a good analysis of how yet again the Western media got it all completely wrong.

Another article that caught my eye was here by Debbie Schlussel - it perfectly sums up the latent anti-semitism of the FBI (which obviously has got a lot worse under Obama but is by no means new) as well as the world's hypocrisy about the vile regime in Dubai (about which I have written many times before). It indicates that Obama now thinks Israel, not Hamas, are the terrorists.

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