Thursday, October 04, 2018

Sky News pathetic response to their lies about Tommy Robinson in interview

A friend who is a Sky News UK subscriber sent the following self-explanatory complaint about the appalling mess they made of their 'interview' with Tommy Robinson on 27 September:
I have been a Sky TV subscriber for many years. I was, therefore, appalled to discover the extent to which Sky News misrepresented the interview with Tommy Robinson both in the TV slot and online.
I have watched the full unedited interview and it is clear that Sky News have used malicious and deliberate intent to libel Robinson in the edited version (see, e.g. . You only need to compare the two versions to see the extent to which Sky News have attempted to deceive their viewers.
If Sky is unable to provide an adequate response and public apology I
will be closing down my account. 

Note that their pathetic response below fails to deal with any of the specific points raised in the video linked to. Also note the irony of their ludicrous implication that Tommy is hiding from the media (it says he "chooses to deliver his message unchallenged on his own social media channels).
Thank you for your email and also your patience whilst we reviewed the footage.

Sky News interviewed Mr Robinson because we believe our audience should hear and experience a range of viewpoints.

Mr Robinson has tens of thousands of supporters across the UK, but mostly chooses to deliver his message unchallenged on his own social media channels. Jason Farrell’s interview was an opportunity to scrutinise and challenge his arguments in detail.

The interview broadcast on Sky News is a fair representation of the interview recorded with Tommy Robinson.

We interview many people with differing views and all are handled in the same way. We believe in presenting our audience with the facts so that they can think critically for themselves. Jason himself has written about the interview and you can read his article here:

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