Monday, October 29, 2018

Media pushing fake news to pit Jew against Jew after Pittsburgh massacre

This story in Ha'aretz has been all over the news and social media. Coming from the anti-Zionist newspaper Ha'aretz I was naturally a little sceptical and asked FaceBook friends if they knew the exact words used by the Chief Rabbi in Israel. One replied as follows:
The article in Ha'aretz selectively quoted Rabbi Lau. This is my translation of what he said. A hostile journalist was obviously looking for a cheap headline. "What's the connection? There's nothing here to confuse the subject. We're talking here about Jews who were murdered because they were Jews. What kind of a question is this? I don't hear or understand what kind of discussion can be had on this question. It's important what type of synagogue or the liturgy they pray in?" I found no mention of this story on their Hebrew site. I suspect they are talking advantage of the fact that most of the English speaking readers will (a) be unsympathetic to orthodox Jews and (b) don't understand Hebrew. This really is a cynical way to sell papers.
If anybody is in any doubt about the Haaretz agenda have a look at the 'next up' link in the very same article:

Another piece of fake news now doing the rounds is this story:

In fact, contrary to what the JC writes here Katie Hopkins was NOT talking about Rabbi Mirvis the UK Chief Rabbi - so this is typical shoddy journalism by the JC. Her previous tweet (see below) makes clear she is referring to Pinchas Goldschmidt the President of the Conference of European Rabbis. Now while I think the tweet is still really dumb I think she has a point in that people like Pinchas Goldschmidt have been pushing the 'pro-Muslim immigration' agenda that is not only detrimental to the Jewish people, but is opposed by the vast majority of Jewish people he is supposed to represent.  It is also worth pointing out that Katie Hopkins is a genuine friend of the Jewish people - unlike a lot of the people that the JC promotes.

And of course also stirring things up is the loathsome Jeremy Freedland.

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