Monday, April 02, 2018

Message to British Jews about antisemitism


Watchman said...

I easily passed your test. Harangued some "apartheid state" shitbags at parliament square last week. Stamped on his sign too. The CST said I should "ignore him". My response was if we ignore him, he get to keep spewing his shit. Never again, to me, means just that. Eventually I got the police (reluctantly) to escorts him away citing Sec4a of the Public Order Act (1986) " Causing harassment, alarm & distress". The Jew Hater was most put out. Aaaaawwww.

Then moved on to bait JVL Jewish Voice for Labour. Compared them to the BNP which got them very upset they demanded an apology. I obliged them by apologising for tarnishing the name of the BNP as at least they have the honesty to admit their racism & Jew hatred.

One poison dwarf stated trying it on about the "fascist Israelis arresting poor Palestinian children", ie the toxic Tamimi spawn. DI'd I care about what happens to them? Answer: NO. I asked a policeman nearby what would happen if an 18yr old threw stones at him or hit & kicked him. His response, arrest, restrain & prosecute.

Turned to the poison dwarf & demanded why the Tamimi creature should get a free pass or was it because she was attacking Israelis. Got a load of verbal about "zionists" so suggested that he'd be better chanting seig heil, seig heil.

At that he lunged at me with his walking stick & had to be restrained by his fellow slugs as it wouldn't look good to the cameras him attackin a defenceless Jew.

One of the JVL pet Jews, objected to me calling him a Fascist. I asked if he preferred "socialist", he said yes, so I enraged him further by calling him a National Socialist & asked how he could support a leader in Corbyn who stands every year under the Hezbollah flag.

The JINO gave the old lie about it being the "political wing" of Hezbollah. I then stated that there is no such thing as stated by Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah who said "there is no political or military wing of Hezbollah, there is only Hezbollah", who does he believe the stupid EU Commission or it straight from the horses mouth.

They were bcaked by several white fascist Left Islington Jew haters who I gave a good earwigging.

All in all a great time doing what we Jews should've been doing decades ago. Oh yes David Lammy was there & I told him it was time to stop making excuses for the Palestinians or he was going to suffer the same fate as his leader.

The Sikh council were there in support as we're several MPS. Much as I despise Labour & have been fighting their innate Jew & Israel hatred for decades, the MPS there are taking a huge risk as Corbyn & McDonnell's Momentum Brownshirts will try & deselect them.

My MP Bob Blackmail was there as was Matthew Offord. Several fellow UKIP members there too. The most pro-Israel party of the lot.

I will be attending the rally on 8th April. Going after the shitbags. I will not ignore them, they are targets to be attacked, discredited & destroyed. Enough is Enough & Never Again now mean exactly that. I am also on Twitter as Sheikh_Anvakh

Donisthorpe Boot Boy. said...

Nice one Watchman, you have my respect. Maybe, just maybe it's time for a 43 group Mk2. These kapo's really need educating. There seems to be a few of these self hating groups, today it's "JEWDUS" half a dozen of them but given loads of exposure in the MSN.
My labour MP is wej but he has been totally shtum, when he's in our area he's sympathetic when in a muslim area ( where he get's his majority ) he's pro muslim. He didn't attend the protest.
When our previous generations came back after fighting in WW2 they knew how to deal with them I am sure the new generations could carry the flag for them.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

To Watchman (well done) and Donisthorpe Boot Boy. Yes the kapos need educating as you suggest, but as I made clear in the posting the people who REALLY need educating are the 'mainstream Jewish' spokesmen who continue to ignore the lies about Israel in their attempt to disassociate antisemitism and anti-Zionism.