Saturday, November 17, 2018

Right and Left united in antisemitism

Wherever we look at the so-called 'anti-fascist' left - which the BDS movement against Israel claims to be - we find exactly the same antisemitism as the real extreme right (and don't confuse the real extreme right with who the media says it is as the media increasingly classifies anybody with 'conservative' views as extreme right). The only difference is the level of support and influence. And that is why the 'anti-fascist left' is a far greater threat to Jews than the extreme right.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

The integrity of the anti-Zionist BDS movement

Meet Simone O'Broin acclaimed international lawyer for the Palestinians:

(I captured this video and saved it as I suspect YouTube and others will try to remove it for reasons explained below).

As explained at IsraellyCool she is clearly not antisemitic at all and as the video clearly shows this senior figure in the BDS campaign against Israel demonstrates how classy the BDS movement really is. As we expect of lawyers fighting for the world's victimized people she shows total integrity and respect for all races and classes of people.....

...OK so this most senior figure in the BDS movement turns out to be an elitist, champagne socialist, antisemitic, racist thug. But that in no way proves they are all like that .... some of them don't drink alcohol.

And as yet another example of 'Palestinian privilege' have a look at how this story was presented in today's Express: Note how it has removed all references about her support for Palestinians (while retaining the bit about the Rohingyas). So even here the media is ‘protecting the image’ of the Palestinians and their racist antisemitic supporters.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Simone O’Broin
The Palestinian Privilege Series

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Monday, October 29, 2018

Media pushing fake news to pit Jew against Jew after Pittsburgh massacre

This story in Ha'aretz has been all over the news and social media. Coming from the anti-Zionist newspaper Ha'aretz I was naturally a little sceptical and asked FaceBook friends if they knew the exact words used by the Chief Rabbi in Israel. One replied as follows:
The article in Ha'aretz selectively quoted Rabbi Lau. This is my translation of what he said. A hostile journalist was obviously looking for a cheap headline. "What's the connection? There's nothing here to confuse the subject. We're talking here about Jews who were murdered because they were Jews. What kind of a question is this? I don't hear or understand what kind of discussion can be had on this question. It's important what type of synagogue or the liturgy they pray in?" I found no mention of this story on their Hebrew site. I suspect they are talking advantage of the fact that most of the English speaking readers will (a) be unsympathetic to orthodox Jews and (b) don't understand Hebrew. This really is a cynical way to sell papers.
If anybody is in any doubt about the Haaretz agenda have a look at the 'next up' link in the very same article:

Another piece of fake news now doing the rounds is this story:

In fact, contrary to what the JC writes here Katie Hopkins was NOT talking about Rabbi Mirvis the UK Chief Rabbi - so this is typical shoddy journalism by the JC. Her previous tweet (see below) makes clear she is referring to Pinchas Goldschmidt the President of the Conference of European Rabbis. Now while I think the tweet is still really dumb I think she has a point in that people like Pinchas Goldschmidt have been pushing the 'pro-Muslim immigration' agenda that is not only detrimental to the Jewish people, but is opposed by the vast majority of Jewish people he is supposed to represent.  It is also worth pointing out that Katie Hopkins is a genuine friend of the Jewish people - unlike a lot of the people that the JC promotes.

And of course also stirring things up is the loathsome Jeremy Freedland.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Jonathan Freedland is a loathsome jerk who brings shame to the British Jewish community.

Jonathan Freedland is one of the most prominent public Jewish figures in the UK. He was Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, and is currently a Guardian columnist (having previously been an executive editor and journalist there), a BBC presenter, and a regular contributor to the New York Review of Books. He still writes a monthly column for the Jewish Chronicle, as well as editorials for the Jewish News and he is a perennial guest of honour at Jewish community events. I have never understood why. His disdain for Israel and its democratically elected government has become increasingly obsessive over the years to the extent that he is perfectly happy chairing viciously anti-Israel events.

Although he calls himself a 'liberal Zionist', all of his writing about Israel/Judaism can be summarised as either

"as a Jew I wish to express my disgust with the Israeli government"


"as a Jew I wish to express my disgust with orthodox Jews".
His most recent obsession if with Donald Trump about whom all his writing can be summarised as

"as a Jew I wish to express my distrust with Donald Trump who is the greatest threat to the world ever"

Following yesterday's horrific synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh Freedland has been very active on social media and on the BBC. His total distortion of Trump's words in this tweet earlier today deserves as much condemnation as Baroness Tonge blaming Israel for the massacre:

He also appeared  on BBC News this evening blaming Trump

Jonathan Freedland is a loathsome jerk who brings shame to the British Jewish community.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The depravity of Arab terrorists - and their anti-Zionist friends

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Jews brutally murdered - silence from the media ... and the Board of Deputies

It's official: "standing up against Islamic terror (and against antisemitism)" = "fascism"

In October 2017 I reported on the remarkable march of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) in London. The FLA was founded just a few months earlier by a group of football fans to peacefully protest against terrorism following the various attacks in the UK that year. The primary reason for the movement was the lack of interest from the main stream media and political parties in recognising, let alone confronting, the Islamist threat in the UK.

As people like Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and even Douglas Murray know too well, in the UK if you are prepared to speak out against Islamic terror and rape gangs you are classified by the main stream media and the entire political class as a fascist.  And that is exactly what the media did to the FLA and its offshoot the DFLA. The real fascists - Islamists and the left-wing thugs of 'Antifa' - are then hailed as 'anti-fascists' when, as on 13 October, they violently disrupt the DFLA's planned peaceful protest in London.  The main stream media reporting on what happened was universally biased and wrong. This video tells the true story (see also this report) of how the police supported Antifa and their Islamist allies in sabotaging the march. 

Now one brave left-wing voice - Brendan O'Neill of Spiked - has written an excellent article addressing the issue. He writes
Naturally, the FLA and DFLA have been branded… Islamophobic. As if to prove their belief that it is impossible to have a frank discussion about Islamist extremism, many commentators took one look at these white (shudder), working-class (eurgh) protesters and called them racist scum. Because if a portly bloke and his wife, both in West Ham tops, attend a protest, they must be fascist filth, right? That’s the view of the university-educated, woke new left, most of whom have never even met a football fan, far less seen 10,000 of the strange creatures take to the streets.
But things have now got even worse. It turns out that Mark Phillips, a coach at West Ham Utd, has been suspended simply for attending the DFLA march on 13 October.

On a related subject it is also worth noting that on 16 October a 70-year-old Jewish woman was kicked in the face by Corbyn supporters outside a Corbynist event that set out to deny there is an antisemitism problem in the Labour Party. As David Collier reports the Corbynistas reaction to this was to claim that the Jewish woman - and her female friend who was also attacked - were 'fascists' deserving of their fate.

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Monday, October 08, 2018

Jews brutally murdered - silence from the media ... and the Board of Deputies

On 8 October 2018 an Arab terrorist brutally slaughtered two young Jews in the Barkan industrial area that encourages coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians. The terrorist was able to carry out the planned attack as he worked there as an electrician. As usual there was silence from the main stream media because dead Israeli Jews do not matter. The Board of Deputies of British Jews is clearly happy to keep the silence (as it was on the murder of Ari Fuld).

(Nothing on the regularly updated BoD twitter feed either).

The terrorist - Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa -  is currently on the run.  Bibi Netanyahu says 'we will bring him to justice'.  What Bibi means is: the terrorist will spend a few years in a comfortable prison with good meals, entertainment, and education all paid for by Israeli taxpayers, and a salary of $3,800 per month for life paid by the PA (with western taxpayers money - that continues because the Israeli leftist judges will not allow terrorist accounts to be closed). In at most 10 years he will be released along with a 1000 other terrorists for the mutilated bodies of a couple of murdered Israelis and he will live the rest of his life in luxury as a hero in the Arab world....

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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Sky News pathetic response to their lies about Tommy Robinson in interview

A friend who is a Sky News UK subscriber sent the following self-explanatory complaint about the appalling mess they made of their 'interview' with Tommy Robinson on 27 September:
I have been a Sky TV subscriber for many years. I was, therefore, appalled to discover the extent to which Sky News misrepresented the interview with Tommy Robinson both in the TV slot and online.
I have watched the full unedited interview and it is clear that Sky News have used malicious and deliberate intent to libel Robinson in the edited version (see, e.g. . You only need to compare the two versions to see the extent to which Sky News have attempted to deceive their viewers.
If Sky is unable to provide an adequate response and public apology I
will be closing down my account. 

Note that their pathetic response below fails to deal with any of the specific points raised in the video linked to. Also note the irony of their ludicrous implication that Tommy is hiding from the media (it says he "chooses to deliver his message unchallenged on his own social media channels).
Thank you for your email and also your patience whilst we reviewed the footage.

Sky News interviewed Mr Robinson because we believe our audience should hear and experience a range of viewpoints.

Mr Robinson has tens of thousands of supporters across the UK, but mostly chooses to deliver his message unchallenged on his own social media channels. Jason Farrell’s interview was an opportunity to scrutinise and challenge his arguments in detail.

The interview broadcast on Sky News is a fair representation of the interview recorded with Tommy Robinson.

We interview many people with differing views and all are handled in the same way. We believe in presenting our audience with the facts so that they can think critically for themselves. Jason himself has written about the interview and you can read his article here:

Kind Regards


Viewer Relations

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Yet again Board of Deputies trashes a friend of Israel while defending an enemy

This tweet from the Board of Deputies is very significant:

First of all it is important to note that Viktor Orban (as recognized by Israelis) is one of the few European leaders who is a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people:

So, for example, despite its antisemitic history (and certainly antisemitic beliefs there are still  widespread), synagogues in Hungary now do not need police protection like they do elsewhere in Europe.  Of course, a major part of the reason for this is that, unlike other European countries Hungary has few Muslims - primarily because Orban has refused to give in to demands for Hungary to take their share of the millions of recent 'migrants' who happen to come from Islamist countries. And it is because of this refusal - and his insistence on protecting his country - that he has incurred the wrath of leftists all over the world including Soros and the Board of Deputies, because in their minds this makes him 'Islamophobic'.

But what has this got to do with the Board of Deputies of British Jews anyway? This is where it gets interesting. Notice that their statement includes the vicious and bizarre libel that Orban is also antisemitic on the basis that he and his party have campaigned against "Jewish philanthropist George Soros".  Ah now that would be the extreme leftist Soros who actually renounced his Judaism long ago, worked happily for the Nazis during WW2, and spends many of his millions of dollars funding organisation dedicated to the destabilization (and eventual destruction) of the State of Israel - as well as attempts to remove from power any governments  - like Orban's - that do not buy into his globalist leftist agenda (which is why Orban has tried to stop Soros meddling in Hungary's internal affairs).

But the Board of Deputies has plenty of form when it comes to trashing friends of Israel while cosying up to its enemies:

On friend of Israel and lover of the Jewish people Katie Hopkins:

And of course it comes as no surprise that the BoD is now pushing a series of events which are strongly hostile to the Israeli government and not only promote the Palestinian narrative of lies about why there is an 'absence of 'peace', but actually promote the Palestinian flag (they have plenty of form on this see, e.g. here and here):

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Board of Deputies: the friend of my enemy is my friend, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy

The mindset of the Board of Deputies is that Ari Fuld was an 'obstacle to peace', a 'settler living in illegally occupied Palestinian land' and that he was therefore a 'legitimate target for frustrated Palestinians'. That is why they ignored his murder.
If the Board of Deputies really supported Israel they could have helped stopped the UK funding of Palestinian terrorists years ago. But they have refused ever to raise the issue of British taxpayer money funding Palestinian terrorists.

Brian of London explains why Ari Fuld and Tommy Robinson are linked:

And there is this:

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Antisemitism - it's really simple but there are consequences of not 'getting it'

Since almost ALL modern antisemitism is camouflaged as anti-Zionism it's amazing how even most Jewish people don't seem to understand this ....

But of course many of those who claim to be fighting antisemitism don't get it because they still insist antisemitism has nothing to do with Israel. Hence we have these consequences:

Why the Corbyn row is leading to more antisemitism

Why the Corbyn antisemitism row is leading to more antisemitism

British Jewry's pathetic 'leadership' (Board of Deputies, CST, JLC etc) still officially 'accepts' that anti-Zionism is not antisemitism and they still fail to challenge the constant stream of lies about Israel. Hence, the more Corbyn/Labour antisemitism is discussed, the more antisemitism it creates:


Thursday, August 09, 2018

Explaining BBC's Gaza story

I think this must be the explanation - just a simple need for some editing to cut the story down to a good headline.


Sunday, August 05, 2018

A typical few hours of media 'reporting' on Tommy Robinson

And they wonder why nobody reads them or believes them any more....

Of course Nick Ferrari (who a lot of people wrongly think is a 'conservative' who 'supports Israel') there is plenty of form for being both a jerk and completely wrong. See

Establishment v Tommy

Friday, August 03, 2018

Bombshell: By parroting their slander against Israel Corbyn the antisemite exposes the rotten core of Britain's useless Jewish leadership

The key part of Corbyn's Guardian interview today are his statements about Israel (and note the Jewish Chronicle curiously removes all reference to these statements from its report on the interview - they know he has snookered them on this and they want to cover it up). What he says is EXACTLY the narrative of Britain's 'official' Jewish leadership: 2-state solution nonsense, lies about occupation and Israel killing innocent Palestinians, rejection of Nation State law etc. Corbyn even explicitly refers to the BoD as agreeing with him - and he is right. But that narrative of lies and propaganda against Israel is driving the current tsunami of antisemitism. By indulging in this slander against Israel the BOD, JLC, JC etc are complicit in inflaming this antisemitism. They are no longer fit for purpose and have disqualified themselves from representing Jews against Corbyn's antisemitism.He has proved they are part of the same problem.

Here is Corbyn's full statement on Israel.
Labour supports a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. That means an end to the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the creation of a Palestinian state, alongside the state of Israel, with both states living in peace and security. Our campaign for that should be conducted in a democratic, respectful and of course entirely peaceful manner.
This has been a difficult year in the Middle East, with the killing of many unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza, and Israel’s new nation-state law relegating Palestinian citizens of Israel to second-class status. I know that many within the Jewish community, including the Board of Deputies, share our concerns. It should not be a source of dispute.
Corbyn the antisemite has exposed the rotten core of Britain's useless Jewish leadership.

All the subtleties of quiet antisemitism in the UK and the Jewish response to it - captured in this pathetic tweet by Nazir Afzal


Thursday, August 02, 2018

UK Media, Politicians and Jewish leaders STILL perplexed at Labour antisemitism…

The more the Labour Party antisemitism is in the news the more opportunities there are for antisemites to be on radio, TV and in the newspapers to disseminate exactly the same lies and propaganda against Israel that is fuelling the antisemitism in the first place as in "I abhor antisemitism but we must criticise Israel for its inhumane treatment of the poor Palestinians....."

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Why any Jewish leader who speaks to Baroness Warsi is part of the antisemitism problem

With news that the new President of the Board of Deputies is again meeting with Baroness Warsi**, here is an important reminder of why this is futile, dangerous and treacherous. The number one cause of the current wave of antisemitism is the media/political anti-Israel narrative based on vicious lies, blood libels and propaganda. Warsi has been prominent in pushing that narrative of lies. The continued 'dialogue' between her and Jewish leaders enables her to hide behind her 'friend of the Jewish community' claim while she pushes ever more vicious incitement against Israel (and she even sued the Jewish News for an article by Colonel Richard Kemp which was critical of her). Such meetings simply give her yet more credibility and prominence.

**The article I linked to is the President's response to an earlier JC report. In it she claims she met Warsi at the recommendation of CST Chair Gerald Ronson. The article reveals that the new President (Marie van der Zyl) is every bit as moronic and useless as all the other community leaders. She says
"Baroness Warsi is one of the most prominent Muslims in British public life" 
- but that is only because idiots like the CST and BoD boost her credibility . She also says
"We discussed many topics on which we agreed, including combating the twin evils of antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, which I have made a priority for my presidency."
But it is not the job of the President of the BoD to combat 'anti-Muslim hate' (which is massively overstated and is not equivalent to antisemitism as she suggests). It is the job of the President to combat Islamic antisemitism, which Warsi inspires with her anti-Israel obsession. And while the President
"told Baroness unequivocally that the Board of Deputies would not work with MEND ..<who show> sympathy for the proscribed terrorist organisation Hamas." 
she seems to have forgotten that Warsi herself welcomed Hamas's election in 2006 (see quote below); also what she failed to tell the Baroness was that the Board would not tolerate Warsi's continued anti-Israel hatred and incitement.

Also isn't it funny that neither the CST or the BoD would ever consider engaging with somebody like Tommy Robinson who has far more prominence and popularity with the British public and has much more to offer in terms of combating Islamic inspired hatred.


Warsi - after thousands of violent armed Hamas thugs stormed the Israel border in unprovoked attack

Warsi: taking up the cause of convicted, terrorist supporting thug Ahed Tamimi

Selection of Warsi headlines

Warsi welcomes election of Hamas in 2006
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