Thursday, July 12, 2018

Britain's Jewish community is perplexed over Labour anti-semitism

This is especially for those British Jews (mainly the kind who campaign to import more refugees from Islamic countries) who can't seem to understand why it is proving so difficult to shift Labour's antisemitism ...


Friday, July 06, 2018

On terrorism and environmentalism: a case study In hypocrisy

Difficult as it might seem to believe, this tweet today from SkyNews is not a spoof, even though the actual report by Lucia Binding clearly salivates over the Al-Qaeda linked group's environmental credentials and also praises the Taliban for similar green 'policies'.

The report says:
The Somali militant Islamist group, which has links to al Qaeda, has long had an interest in environmental issues  ........    regional leader Mohammad Abu Abdullah said the group had come to the decision due to the "serious" threat posed by plastic bags to both humans and livestock. He added that pollution caused by plastic was damaging to the environment. In the same announcement, the group said it has banned the logging of rare trees....  Last year, Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada claimed Afghans should plant more trees because of their "important role in environmental protection, economic development and beautification of the Earth". In 2016, a magazine published by the Yemeni branch of al Shabaab criticised former US president Barack Obama for failing to adequately combat climate change during his presidency.
In fact, anybody unfortunate enough to have watched Sky News in the last couple of years will know they they view plastic as a threat but not Islamic terrorists, so this story - which frames terrorists as allies in what Sky regards as the main threat to humanity - fits their narrative very well. In fact, there seems to be no environmental issue anywhere in the world that escapes Sky’s attention or concern no matter how trivial it seems (just look at their website - the same, of course, applies to the BBC and all other mainstream media). Yet there is one exception and, unlike every other environmental problem this one is both deliberate and without any apparent benefit*** to those carrying it out. I refer to the  environmental catastrophe being inflicted on southern Israel by Hamas - another Al-Qaeda linked terror group that Sky views favourably.  For nine consecutive weeks now Hamas has launched hundreds of kites and balloons with explosive devices every day from Gaza creating thousands of fires that have destroyed tens of thousands of acres of farmland and nature reserves, and obliterated much of the wildlife there. The financial costs already runs to billions of dollars, without considering the long-term effects of the toxic fumes. And the attacks keep coming at ever greater ferocity without a word of condemnation from environmentalists anywhere in the world outside of Israel and without any mainstream media coverage.

***Actually Hamas does gain because the more damage they inflict on Israel the more international sympathy and aid they receive in return when Israel finally retaliates.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

'Expert' who documents blood libels against the Jews ...promotes a blood libel against the Jews

One of the objectives of the current round of violence by Hamas is to use their Pallywood skills to create ever new 'martyrs' to feed the blood libel lust of the media and antisemites. So, since the mass 'protests' have started, we have had the 'wheelchair bound grandfather', the 'press reporter' and the 'baby' all 'deliberately killed' by the evil Jews. All those stories - based entirely on Hamas claims and always accepted without questioning by the media - made headline news throughout the world before being quietly debunked as lies some time later (with the original reports rarely, if ever, corrected). The latest example (see above) - dominating all of the headlines today - is the case of the 'innocent beautiful young nurse' who was 'deliberately shot and killed by Israeli snipers'. That narrative is a lie like all the others. 14 June 2018 Update: The 'medic' was a self-declared Hamas 'human shield'.

Leftists - including many who claim that they 'fight' antisemitism -  are among the most enthusiastic promoters of the modern-day Hamas blood libels. To get a feel for the cognitive dissonance involved in this I present the example of one well-known leftist 'antifascist' called Mike Stuchbery. For the past 5 hours he has been tweeting interesting examples of historic blood libels against Jews one after another such as this one below, citing how these lies led to pogroms against the Jews.

Yet, guess what he posted immediately before he started this series of tweets? The tweet at the top of this page promoting the modern day blood libel against Jews (accepting the lies pumped out by genocidal antisemites Hamas).

Also note that the source of the dead nurse story was the Palestine Information Center (run by Hamas) who are the very people who claimed that an American TV actress was a French doctor working in Gaza:

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Friday, May 25, 2018

A dark day for British justice (and British Jews) as Tommy Robinson becomes a political prisoner again

UPDATE TO THIS REPORT: It might get removed from the Internet

For simply doing the reporting job that the mainstream media refuses to do Tommy Robinson was arrested today for 'breach of the peace' and, in a hearing that then lasted 27 minutes, was convicted for 'contempt of court' and immediately sent to jail for 13 months.

Most people hearing this in the UK will probably not believe that it is even possible for 'justice' to be dispensed so quickly.  This is more the stuff of dark future sci-fi movies. Moreover, the court has placed a ban on any reporting of what happened; so not only does the UK police state want to silence Tommy and his message, but they are determined to ensure the public does not even know he has been forcefully silenced.

It is interesting to note that while Tommy Robinson is marched to jail on trumped up charges, Abdul Hamid - a violent Jihadist filmed hitting people with a pole in Hyde Park recently (at a Tommy Robinson rally) - was not even questioned by Police for this incident:

The main stream media continues to spew the lie that Tommy Robinson is a racist, and they support their claims with fake news. Anybody who actually listens to what he says will know it's a lie, so if you believe or say he is a racist then you are simply revealing your ignorance. This is especially true for those in the Jewish community who understand well that the media demonization of Israel is based on lies, but accept at face value the lies of that same media when they demonize Tommy. In fact, not only is Tommy one of the few who understands - and combats - the threat of Islamic extremism to the Jewish community, but he is also understands - and defends - the State of Israel publicly.

But whatever your political views - and whatever your views of Tommy Robinson - you should recognise this injustice and threat to civil liberties and freedom of speech. If an Islamic hate preacher had been treated in this way you can be sure that all of the left wing media and  'civil liberty' campaigners would be up in arms. Hello Shami Chakrabati where are you now?

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Nick Ferrari sustains blood libel against Israel in clumsy attempt at 'even handedness'

21 June 2016 UPDATE: The dead baby story has indeed been confirmed as a scam (as was obvious from the start to anybody who is not a Hamas supporter). The 8-month-old actually died from a fatal blood condition that runs in the family and Hamas paid them 8,000 shekels to make up the story blaming Israel for the death.

Nick Ferrari is the commentator beloved by Britain's 'official Jews' because they claim he is a 'friend of Israel'. Anybody following this blog will know how nonsensical this claim is (see links below; UPDATE 25 MAY: even Hamas now admits the baby's death had nothing to with Israel).  Now, several days after the 'baby killed by Israel gas' blood libel was completely debunked he is still pushing the same narrative (and stretching it to to include the nonsense 'seven other children killed'). The fact that this is a clumsy attempt at 'even handedness' - suggesting that the parents should not have taken the children to such a demonstration - does not excuse the fact that he is still promoting the 'Israel kills babies in Gaza' narrative.

Of all the 'official Jews', including, for example, those who invited Ferrari to host the recent Israel 70th celebration event at the Savoy Hotel, is there not one able to inform him of the fact that at least 54 of those 62 claimed to have been killed at the border were members of terrorist organisations and that this includes two who were 16 and 17 (i.e. the 'children killed by Israel')?  If Ferrari wanted to be even handed why did he not use his column to inform his readers that the terrorist organisations themselves are the ones who have stated that it was their members who were killed. This would have been extremely helpful given that the main stream media has been careful to keep these claims quiet as it contradicted the lies in their previous reporting.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Daily Express publishes Hamas propaganda and blood libel that Israel gasses babies

Express article: click to expand
21 June 2016 UPDATE: The dead baby story has indeed been confirmed as a scam (as was obvious from the start to anybody who is not a Hamas supporter). The 8-month-old actually died from a fatal blood condition that runs in the family and Hamas paid them 8,000 shekels to make up the story blaming Israel for the death. Of course the Express - and all the other media outlets for which this was the headline news for 48 hours - will not print anything about the new revelations.

The Daily Express is considered to be a 'conservative' British newspaper and one of the few that is not anti-Israel. In fact it rarely publishes much 'foreign news' in any detail at all, which is why yesterday's unprecedented full page story demonizing Israel with the blood libel that it gassed a baby to death in Gaza is so appalling. It was known the previous day that this baby’s death had nothing to do with Israel (the baby died of a pre-existing condition; UPDATE 25 MAY: even Hamas now admits the baby's death had nothing to with Israel). But this is by no means the only thing shoddy about this most vicious and unbalanced anti-Israel hit piece. Note also the following:
  • The Express had not provided a single news item previously about Hamas's ongoing provocations and violence against Israel's border, so its readers will know nothing about the context of what happened on Monday. On the contrary the story presents the lie that this was a spontaneous protest against the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. 
  • In fact the border - where all of the violence took place - is not even mentioned until paragraph 9. Instead the narrative is that Israel - out of nowhere - started to drop cannisters of lethal tear gas in the middle of Gaza. The fact that many of the 40,000 demonstrators were armed and violently attempting to breach the border - is not mentioned.
  • Whereas the Hamas propaganda claims - including the ludicrous story of how the baby came to be in a war zone - are accepted as facts, the Israeli case is presented by claims in sarcastic quotes.
  • Especially interesting is the fact that the claims by Ambassador Regev and  pro-Israel Colonel Kemp are both taken out of context from the the full statements they made. For example, whereas Kemp made a powerful and convincing argument about why all the blame for any deaths lay with Hamas and that the Israeli army had been meticulous in minimising casualties, the only quotes used by him here imply that force was being used as a deterrent to protesting.  
On Monday evening Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard issued a statement slamming Israel saying one can tell me that the correct response was to fire live ammunition at unarmed Palestinians. 
It may or may not be coincidental that Pollard is also an Editor of the Express. Although it was always obvious (to people who properly follow what happens in Israel) that most of the casualties would have been armed terrorists and not 'unarmed civilians' as claimed by the media, Hamas spokesman Salah al-Bardawil actually admitted yesterday that 50 of the 62 dead were Hamas operatives (Islamic Jihad had already claimed three of the dead including the much cited '16 year old victim'). On hearing this Pollard has since apologised for his previous tweet. We are still waiting for any kind of apology - or even explanation - from the Express for one of the worst pieces of reporting on Israel ever. A report that is already further encouraging antisemites to attack Jews 'because Israel murders babies'.

Update: I have written to the Express and also submitted a formal complaint to IPSO about the article based on the inaccuracies listed above.

Update 20 May 2018: Now Nick Ferrari sustains the blood libel in the Sunday Express.

From IsraellyCool:

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Another 'peaceful Palestinian protester' who will be classified as being injured by the Israelis

This video from the Gaza 'protests' has been doing the rounds on Facebook and I don't know who to credit for it. But more importantly it has been common for videos like this - which disprove the 'Palestinian' narrative - to vanish from the web. Anybody wishing to share can simply use the youtube link

And there is also this image about those innocent 'PRESS' men at the riots..

Friday, April 13, 2018

Censoring 'conservative' and pro-Israel social media accounts

Everybody has known for a long time that 'conservative' and pro-Israel social media accounts have been massively targeted for censorship (e.g. see previous reports of censorship of this blog). The fact that people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Tommy Robinson are banned from twitter (while, terrorist organisations like Hamas are not) is an indication of the extent to which leftists will go to silence the views of any charismatic characters who expose the lies of the standard 'progressive' narrative.

However, the fact that Diamond and Silk - with 1.5 million followers - have been classified as 'unsafe' by Facebook has really brought the issue to attention.  Diamond and Silk are brilliant and funny black female commentators - the very sort of people that 'progressives' normally claim need to be empowered. Yet, because they happen to be conservative Trump supporters, the normal 'privilege'  afforded by progressives is not only removed, but their voice apparently must be silenced completely. Here is my response to their request for information about experiencing censorship:

Dear Diamond and Silk

My blog, facebook and twitter feeds focus primarily on exposing anti-semitism, but because a lot of this is currently dressed up as 'anti-Zionism' the so-called progressives continually try to silence me even though I only have a small following. That's because anybody who is 'pro-Israel' and who highlights things like Palestinian/Islamic terrorism is considered an enemy and a threat to the progressive agenda. So, for example:
  • Whereas a year ago my blog was getting on average 100,000 hits per month it now get about 15,000. This is partly because it has been (incredibly) classified as a 'hate site' (see meaning many service providers block it completely. Also, despite many key articles, google searches have stopped finding them - resulting in a collapse of traffic from google search (10,000 down to 500).
  • On my twitter account@Cant_fool_me I am blocked from sending any links at all; moreover, if anybody tweets a link to one of my blog articles, clicking it results in a warning. Twitter also continually removes 'conservative' followers.
  • My Facebook posts (both personal and community pages) only get seen by a handful of friends/followers.

Edgar Davidson

Monday, April 09, 2018

Hamas: smoke without fire

More on the media bias and hypocrisy of the Hamas border (and media) offensive against Israel.
UPDATE 10 April 2018: Now confirmed that the dead 'Press' man was indeed a senior officer in Hamas.

Previously on this story

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Media falling for the usual Pallywood lies again

You would have thought the main stream media might have learnt something about the Pallywood lies from this week's report of a 'French doctor in Gaza', but they have fallen for it yet again with the outrage over the 'killing' of a 'Press' man. So far the only claims about what happened come from Hamas.
10 April UPDATE: My suspicions proved correct. The 'Press' man was a Hamas Officer flying drones over Israeli positions.


Friday, April 06, 2018

Media reporting on mass Hamas attack on Israel's border

Probably the most dishonest reporting yet, which is saying something

Example: Sky News thinks not enough Israelis have died to justify self-defence:

And, as is usual nowadays, some of the worst reporting is from Israel and the Jerusalem Post (who are displaying more anti-Israel bias in their headlines and focus than even Haaretz - at least Haaretz headlines use the words 'violent protests').


Update 7 April. More media lies:

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Who really represents British Jews?

It's certainly not who Corbyn thinks - that's a tiny minority. But Britain's 'official Jews' of the BoD, JLC and CST also only represent a tiny minority (namely the Left leaning and lukewarm supporters of Israel).

Note that the BoD officially takes the UK Government failed "Two State Solution" view on Israel and believes the whole of Judea and Samaria ('the West Bank') - and even East Jerusalem - must be part of a future Jew-free State of Palestine. Also note that, whereas the BoD/JLC includes (and some would say is increasingly dominated by) Yachad - an extreme leftist anti-Zionist group, they actually work against any groups or people who are strongly pro-Israel Zionist (by which I simply mean realists who believe that handing land to the Palestinians will not work). That is why the BoD/JLC do not represent the vast majority of British Jews - who tend to be centre/right and realists on Israel.

Update: I just responded on Facebook to a claim about the elected deputies in the BoD being representative with:
Irrespective of the deputies, the BoD is the organisation which lobbies to ban strongly pro-Israel speakers (Geller, Spencer, Im Turzu etc), works with Islamist groups to censor strong pro-Israel voices (Hopkins, Robinson etc), while at the same time being happy to engage with multiple Islamist antisemites. With the exception of the (very weak) Arkush the leadership is dominated by people whose idea of being 'pro-Israel' is to deligitimize Israel's democratically elected leaders. The BoD has NEVER represented the overwhelming majority of British Jews who support Israel unconditionally. And recent events have proven that the BoD is a complete waste of time since it has failed to prevent the mainstreaming of antisemitism.

Previously (and yes this is directed at BoD/JLC, CST etc):

And if the BoD really wanted to do something to stop the tsunami of antisemitism they would be devoting their efforts to exposing the lies and indoctrination of Palestinians - much of it funded by UK taxpayers - that drives modern antisemitism (disguised as anti-Zionism), along with the cult of 'Palestinianism' whose lies about the Jewish state are fed to those only too happy to believe so that they can promote their hidden antisemitism under the respectable guise of anti-Zionism.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

A typical Corbyn supporter - why antisemitism is a vote winner for Labour

Note that this guy (Hugh Hicks) is still posting on twitter, while most people who raise concerns about real Islamic threats are banned.


Saturday, March 31, 2018

David Lammy : supreme hypocrite and coward on 'antisemitism'

Like Baroness Warsi and many others - another great 'friend' of the Jewish community according to the Board of Deputies.

Those poor innocent Palestinian victims:

Palestine Privilege Rule 47: Peaceful Demos

And a note to all those British Jews who claim to fight antisemitism but whose reaction when antisemites make up lies about Israel is to say "Don't blame us for the actions of Israel": YOU are part of the problem.

See the full Palestine privilege series