Monday, September 26, 2016

Obama and media knew Orlando gay club massacre was Islamist terror attack but lied to cover it up

The authorities and media knew - even while the attack was happening - that terrorist Omar Mateen was acting in the name of ISIS. This is the full transcript of his calls to the police while he carried out the attack.

Yet, just as reported yesterday with the Washington mall shooter, they chose to cover it up with their ludicrous narrative of repressed homosexuality, mental illness and 'gun control'. Naturally, few media outlets are covering the release of the full transcripts today.

Omar Mateen full transcript of cals to Police
Breitbart: how the media covered for Orlando terrorist
Latest Islamic terrorist attack covered up - must be 'Hispanic'
If media reported Orlando terrorist attack like they report on Isael

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Leftists and free speech

Back in February I posted an article highlighting the many total inconsistencies in what leftists believe (such as in the image below). Well leftists certainly do not like the brilliant and funny Milo Yiannopoulos, even though he is an openly gay libertarian. That's because he exposes the hypocrisy and corruption of leftists, feminists, LGBT activists and Islamists. But when I saw the letter below in the University of Delaware student newspaper I assumed it was satire. It isn't.

Letter from the Department of Women and Gender Studies

Setember 20, 2016 
To the editor:
Our department is committed to the principle of free speech. We wish, therefore, to go on record as opposing in the strongest possible terms the invitation that has been issued to Milo Yiannopoulos, who has tried to silence the free speech of others by drowning it out with abusive, hate-filled rhetoric. In an educational context, there is nothing to be learned from his presence except a negative lesson—that the most deliberately offensive and divisive voices are rewarded with attention they do not deserve. That is not what UD should be teaching.
The Department of Women and Gender Studies

What leftists believe

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Colin Firth: ignorant anti-Israel jerk

For those salivating over the new Bridget Jones movie please note that actor Colin Firth is an archetypal leftist luvvie 'activist' who not only sees it as his duty (and entitlement) to lecture us plebs on how to think and behave in politically correct terms (including demanding the release of Al Qaeda terrorists), but inevitably he has been a long-term supporter of the campaign to delegitimize Israel (see Update below for further reason not to see this move).

He has always been on hand to issue condemnations of Israel for daring to defend itself against terrorism (such as being a signatory on this anti-Israel blood libel letter) and appear at events run by the anti-semitic Palestine Solidarity Campaign. He tried to take his activism to a different level in 2010 by starring in a film ("The Promised Land") that attempted to rewrite the history of Israel with a whole bunch of anti-Zionist lies (thankfully - as pointed out by commenter Ian - the film was abandoned before it was released).

UPDATE: As reported here it turns out that the script for the new Bridget Jones movie was actually co-written by none other than Israel boycotting witch Emma Thompson. And it seems the movie is even pushing her anti-Israel propaganda as reported by Debbie Schlussel:
The first thing you need to know about this movie is that it co-stars and features a script co-written by Israel-boycotting Jew-hater Emma Thompson. I don’t support movies that finance anti-Semites, but I reviewed this with an open mind on its own merit (even though I recommend you give Fraulein Thompson the back of the hand). I couldn’t help but notice, though, that there is a dumb, snide line (among many in this film) about needing to “get footage of the attack on Ramallah.” Um, what attack on Ramallah. If anything, the Palestinian Muslim terrorists in Ramallah are attacking synagogues, bars, bus stations, etc. throughout Israel. Got that, Emma?


Sunday, September 11, 2016

How the 9/11 attacks would have been reported based on how Islamic attacks are reported now ....

On previous anniversaries of the 9/11 attacks I posted about what the BBC report would be like if it reported it in the way it reported terrorist attacks against Israel (see below). But the media's downplaying of all Islamic attacks is getting pretty much the same. Hence the new anniversary graphic above.

Last year: If the BBC reported 9/11 like it reports terrorist attacks against Israel....

11 September 2001
Arabs massacred by Americans in day of tit-for-tat violence
The cycle of violence in America spiralled out of control today when a series of violent incidents left thousands dead, including many Arab and Muslim civilians. UN sources and Al Jazeera have confirmed that many of the Arabs killed were refugee children who had fled from oppression. American claims that they too suffered “many civilian deaths” have been strongly denied by the UN-affiliated relief workers in the Al Qaeda organisation who maintain that the only Americans killed were military personnel and illegal settlers.
The violence started when one of five unarmed Arab civilians, who boarded a 767 aircraft in Boston, was refused permission to fly the plane, despite having a valid flying licence. The American authorities have been imposing increasingly tight restrictions on the freedom of movement of Arab civilians within the US. This humiliation to their dignity has created, not unsurprisingly, deep anger and resentment among Muslims in the US. When the fully qualified pilot was denied the opportunity to work in his chosen profession, he became understandably angry. The outnumbered Arab men were then attacked by members of the crew, but what really happened next may never be known. What is certain is that all of the five Arab civilians were killed, along with the plane’s other occupants (primarily military and intelligence personnel along with some illegal American settlers) when the plane crashed into the North tower of the World Trade Center. Al Jaziera and the UN confirmed that the building (which housed a mosque) contained many Arab refugee children, who were all killed in the attack along with a number of Muslim workers. Some illegal American settlers dressed as businessmen may also have perished.
As news of the Muslim civilian deaths became known, it is believed that Arabs on another aircraft reacted with understandable passion, battling with military and security personnel. This plane soon crashed into the south tower of the Word Trade Center. After this second crash the US military ordered an unprecedented grounding of all civilian flights over US airspace, thus denying all Muslims living in the US the right to travel. On hearing news of this racist attack on their human rights and livelihood, a group of Arab militants on another airplane mounted a daring tit-for-tat strike. With nothing else to lose, and in sheer desperation, the militants crashed the plane they were travelling in into the very heart of the brutal US military machine – the Pentagon killing scores of soldiers.
In an escalation of the violence - and without any United Nations mandate  - the US military responded by threatening to shoot down any airplane still flying that was piloted by Arab Muslims. This brutal, illegal and racist measure led to the final, and most outrageous act of violence of the day, committed by a group of self-styled American settler vigilantes aboard flight 93 to San Francisco. On learning that their airplane was being flown by an Arab pilot, the American settlers took it upon themselves to massacre all the Muslim Arabs on board. In the ensuing struggle the Arab pilot was savagely killed and the plane crashed into a field, killing all the occupants, many of whom were Muslim refugee children. The US military is likely to have to accept full responsibility for the final massacre, since they had given messages to the settler passengers on board flight 93 that the Arab pilots were planning to crash the plane into the White House, even though no proof of such a wild conspiracy had been presented to the United Nations. The French and German leaders have already demanded a UN enquiry into the massacre of Arab civilians.
It is expected that any UN enquiry will also determine the cause of the complete collapse of both of the twin towers. Early evidence provided by reliable sources from the Palestinian Authority, The Syrian Government, the New York Times and Liberal Arts Professor Ward Churchill suggests that this must have been a joint operation between the CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Update: The Islamists who sent Alan Henning to his death

Nearly two years ago I wrote articles (see below) asking why nobody in the main stream media was asking questions about the Islamic 'charity' that was behind the 'aid convey' in which Alan Henning ended up getting his head cut off publiclty by ISIS in Syria. It was very clear then that this was a Sunni Islamist terrorist supporting organisation. It now turns out - unsurprisingly as reported in today's Daily Mail - that Henning's mates in the charity were actually ISIS supporters. One of them is now on trial for murdering an Imam (of whom ISIS disapproved).

Article posted 18 November 2014:

I posted the article below (about the terrorist links of the "charity" which Henning was 'delivering aid' for several weeks ago). Now Andrew Gilligan reports in the Telegraph that Majid Freeman, a "charity worker" from Leicester, who was  speaker at the memorial service for Alan Henning, is an open supporter of violent Jihadists (including Al Qaeda) and even sympathises with the ISIS animals who beheaded his 'friend'.
Freeman...has posted on social media apparently justifying Isil, promoting al-Qaeda and expressing sympathy for Syrian jihadist “martyrs”. Freeman was with Mr Henning when he was abducted in Syria last year.  
Majid Freeman's support for violence and jihad are far-reaching and include the following call for violence against Jews in Israel:
On Facebook last week, he said that the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, which was briefly closed by the Israelis at the time, “will be conquered by jihad, not by peace… none will enter it except those who believe in removing the door, not those who search for its key”. 
What is becoming very clear is that - contrary to the lie that the British media is determined to spin - the views of Freeman are not unusual among British Muslims but are in fact completely mainstream. The tweet by Baroness Warsi this morning in response to the massacre of Jews in a synagogue in Jerusalem provide further evidence of this.

Alan Henning and the Hamas-supporting Islamic 'charity' who conned him into going to Syria

Everybody knows that Alan Henning was a decent person who wanted to help suffering people but was brutally slaughtered doing a good deed. What nobody seems to want to know, however, is how he was unaware of the danger he was likely to face and how he ended up as part of a convey for an Islamic charity Al Fatiha Global under investigation for its links to Islamist gunmen in Syria (more here).

A report here on the charity is disturbing as it was actually written just before the convey left with Henning last December. The charity is open about its support for Hamas (see here about its funding of Hamas projects) and its admiration for Al Qaeda terrorists such as Aafia Siddiqui, after whom it named a vehicle. If the BBC and the rest of the British media were not so determined to cover up Islamic terrorism and its supporters in the UK Alan Henning might have decided to spend Christmas with his family instead of travelling with a bunch of terrorist supporters to one of the most dangerous places on earth.

It is also interesting to note how the media is not investigating how it came to be that every one of the Muslims accompanying Alan was released by ISIS - I find it hard to understand how at least the leader of the convoy (Kasim Jameel who, incidentally according to the report below, was arrested in July on child pornography and sexual assault charges) did not insist on staying with Alan until the end, since it was he who talked him into going.

Anyway, much more on this story by Marc Goldberg at Harry's Place whose report includes the following:
According to the Independent Henning travelled to Syria as part of a convoy organised by the group al Fatiha Global. The group denies responsibility for him in a statement on their Facebook page:

 “Whilst Alan was not under the direct responsibility of the charity Al Fatiha Global – as has been suggested widely in the media – he was a valued fellow convoy member, volunteer and friend to us for the duration of the journey until we reached the Turkey-Syria border, where he continued his journey into Syria with his group. He was amongst the first to enter Syria. He was detained shortly after.”

 The Telegraph reported in September that; “Mr Henning was driving an ambulance on behalf of Rochdale Aid 4 Syria, which raised money on behalf of Al-Fatiha Global, a registered charity currently under investigation by the Charity Commission after one of its leaders was photographed with his arms around two hooded fighters carrying machine guns.”

 It seems pretty disingenuous to me for al-Fatiha Global to be disassociating itself from Henning when he was a part of their convoy volunteering for a group raising money for them. On the ground it is quite clear that the al-Fatiha Global people were responsible for this convoy and therefore should bear responsibility for all who travelled with it.

Henning was one of only 8 who continued on into Syria. He was arrested by ISIS half an hour after crossing the Turkish border. The Telegraph article paints a damning picture of Al-Fatiha Global and Aid 4 Syria saying;

“Aid 4 Syria has also used its Facebook page to promote an event called O’Ummah Wake Up And Rise! at which the guest speakers were Zahir Mahmood and Moazzam Begg. Mr Mahmood describes the proscribed terrorist group Hamas as “freedom fighters” while Mr Begg, a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay, has admitted to fighting in Bosnia.

The team leader of the convoy was Kasim Jameel, who was arrested in July on child pornography and sexual assault charges before being released on police bail. The investigation remains active.”

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Boycotting Jews and the Jewish State: Nazis then and now

See how different the current BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign against the Jewish State is from the Nazi boycott.

27 August 2016 Update: David Collier exposes the big lie behind the BDS movement.

Police persecution of anti-Jihad campaigner Tommy Robinson continues (Updated with response)

Following the disturbing video from Cambridge yesterday I have made a self-explanatory complaint to the Cambridge Police (via

I was extremely disturbed to learn about the Police harassment of Tommy Robinson and his family yesterday while they were sitting in a pub in Cambridge. Apart from the obvious injustice to Mr Robinson I am concerned about why valuable Police resources would be wasted on such an activity. I would be grateful to know who made the decision regarding these valuable police resources and the reasons for it, as that is still unclear to me having listened to the 'explanations' given by the officers in the video. I am sure you will agree that the video casts the Cambridge Police in an extremely bad light.

I will be writing about this on my independent blog ( and will be happy to add any information you are able to provide. 
UPDATE 1 September 2016. Here is the ludicrous response I have received:
A group of 18 Luton Town football supporters at the Grain Store Pub in Cambridge were asked to leave the area at about 6.30pm on Saturday in order to prevent disorder. The group left peacefully, without the need for a dispersal order to be invoked. 
Cambridgeshire Constabulary.
Should you have any further queries or follow up comments, please contact us through the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website at

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Remembering Daniel

Two years ago today 4-year-old Israeli Daniel Tragerman was killed by a Hamas rocket fired from a UN School. Here is the story I wrote at the time. With Hamas preparing to launch another terrorist war expect exactly the same level of public support for the terrorists and disdain for the true victims.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Two years ago today: Jewish Chronicle helped fund Hamas

Exactly two years ago today I wrote this article about the Jewish Chronicle's disgraceful decision to include a full page (unpaid for) advert for the DEC Gaza appeal.

We now know that almost all of the funding from that appeal (which was one of the most successful DEC appeals in history in the UK) went directly to Hamas. But anybody with half a brain knew that was going to happen then. Here is the graphic I produced for a follow-up article two days later:

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

LBC's Nick Ferrari: shooting terrorists in France and Germany is right. Shooting them in Israel is a war crime

Had to laugh at LBC Radio's Facebook posting earlier today boasting about how Nick Ferrari ridiculed a caller for daring to say it was wrong for police to shoot to kill the terrorists in France and Germany.

That would be the very same hypocritical jerk Nick Ferrari who spent over 30 minutes (on 25 September 2015)  demonizing Israel for daring to shoot a female Muslim terrorist who was in the act of stabbing a soldier, and then for saying he 'mourned' the death of another terrorist (who had slaughtered passengers on a bus in central Jerusalem on 13 October 2015).

And, incidentally, I actually believe that Nick Ferrari is far and away the best and most objective of all LBC's regular hosts (which is why he needs to be called out when he gets it so wrong).

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Media: If today's Church attack had taken place in Israel

This is getting repetitive now, but still needs to be noted....

Note that in November 2014 when Muslim Jihadists slaughtered 5 rabbis as they preyed in a Jerusalem synagogue, this was exactly the response from the media. Obama also demanded that the Israelis 'show restraint', while the Jordanian Government honoured the Jihadists the NEXT day at their opening of Parliament.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

If World War 2 had been conducted like the current 'war on terror'

If World War 2 had been conducted the way Western Governments are now conducting the Jihad war being fought against them we might have had the following kind of behaviour:

The Scene: May 1940. We have just gone through the 254th consecutive night of German bombers blitzing London. The British Government announces its total surprise that on this particular night London should have been chosen to be attacked. The PM goes on the radio and makes the following statements about the current "War on Airplane bombers":
  • Nobody should jump to conclusions about who might be responsible for this particular bombing, especially as we have no conclusive evidence yet that any of the previous 253 bombing raids were in any way related.
  • In fact, our intelligence on previous raids reveals they were carried out by men from different cities with nothing whatsoever in common other than the fact that the cities all happened to be in Germany.  What we must not do is infer from this that the German people mean us any harm whatsoever especially as their Government adheres to the Nazi philosophy which we know seeks worlds peace. 
  • At present we have no idea what the  motive was for any of these attacks but we must treat each one as a separate crime with separate motives. We do not yet know the names and nationalities of the men who carried out tonight's bombing raid. They are just as likely - indeed more likely - to be right-wing British men with a grudge against the London-based Government as men of any other nationality. There is certainly no reason to be believe this is in any way connected with Germany. 
  • And just because we have been bombed now for 254 consecutive nights there is no reason to believe that this will happen again. Obviously citizens should be extremely vigilant as they go about their nightly activities tomorrow - be especially on the look out for right-wing British men complaining about foreigners or income tax who are known to have access to bomber planes. 
  • Above all else what we will not tolerate are those racists who assert that if we spot German bomber planes entering UK airspace tomorrow that we should assume anything other than purely peaceful intent. Attempting to stop such planes flying over London would be considered by us to be unacceptable racial profiling. 
  • In the extremely unlikely event that bombs are dropped again we will treat each individual bombing as a separate criminal act and will spare no expense in attempting to track down the individual pilot responsible in each case. In the unlikely event that such a pilot is found to be from a foreign country (which is just as likely to be Honduras, New Zealand, or Zaire as it is to be Germany) we will expect the government of that country to help us track down the criminal.  Indeed we now have reason to believe that a man named Fritz Schmidt of Hamburg was a pilot involved in a previous bombing and as a result I have asked Herr Hitler the German Chancellor to consider bringing this man into custody. 
  • Moreover, because several men from German towns have been previously implicated My Majesty's government is hereby donating 15 billion pounds to Herr Hitler's Germany to ensure that they have the resources to find and punish the guilty men.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Munich attack: Here we go again

With another attack I have updated this graphic so that the main stream media have as little to do as possible:

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Terrorism in France and Israel

Someone on Facebook posted this image (I understand the original artwork is called "Loss" by Lyceum) but with Israel as the big dog and France the small dog. A commenter said it needed to be the other way round, so here it is:

Here is the previous version:

On using trucks to kill civilians

And to recall, here is the full antisemite test:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice attack: Israel responds*

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu today issued the following statement in the light of the tit-for-tat violence in France which yesterday in Nice claimed the lives of a Muslim truck driver, along with a number of Muslim civilians and French colonialists. 

I strongly condemn the ongoing cycle of violence in France and call on both sides to show restraint. We mourn the loss of life on both sides. While I believe that France has a right to exist, our continued support for France's sovereignty cannot be guaranteed if the French continue with their disproportionate response and suppression against its Muslim citizens.  I deplore the French Government decision to impose a State of Emergency  that disproportionately hurts millions of French Muslims who are trying to see their families over the holiday weekend. The French government has to understand that there is no military solution to this conflict. They should immediately abide by the UN resolution we proposed last week to evacuate all non-Muslim French from cities such as Paris, Nice and Marseilles handing it over to the elected representatives of the moderate wing of ISIS.
*Satire: but this is exactly how the media and France has reacted to similar attacks against Israel. Thanks to Mark Honikberg for idea on the State of Emergency (this is exactly how the EU and media reacted when Israel imposed travel restrictions after the Sarona attack).

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Media is already following the script on Nice attack

With news of a major terrorist attack in Nice just coming in I was just watching some of the rolling news channels and can confirm that they are following the script that I described several months ago (the words 'Islam' and 'Muslims' are now officially banned in favour of 'radical ideologies' and 'radicals'):

Update:Nice attack - Israel responds
Also, see IsraellyCool Nice Attack Lethal Reporting

Monday, July 11, 2016

Shock move after May appointed leader. New Unified Party announced (FTP*)

With Theresa May appointed Leader of the Conservatives and PM without a vote, what exactly divides the mainstream views of any of these parties? Remember it was May who coined the phrase "The Nasty Party" for the Conservatives- and describes calls herself as a Liberal. So it makes perfect sense to merge them into the new unified FTP (F*ck the Plebs) Party.

The new FTP Party will have a built in Commons majority of 649-1.  And the single opposition MP (UKIP member Douglas Carswell) can be expelled as he is officially a racist xenophobe according to the new legislation.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Theresa May banned American bloggers from entering the UK because they were 'pro-Israel'

In 2013 I wrote extensively about the banning of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from the UK. As part of their subsequent lawsuit against the UK Government, Spencer and Geller received documents confirming that their pro-Israel views had been a major factor in the decision to ban them.

It is important to note that Theresa May who - according to just about everybody - is shortly going to become the next British Prime Minister, is the person who was responsible for this decision as Home Secretary. Who needs Jeremy Corbyn......

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Friday, July 01, 2016

Two flags different outcome: Sharia Compliant UK

Tommy Robinson face banning order over flag
Terrorist flags to fly over London

Palestinian Terrorism: why not?

Following the brutal murder of 13-year-old Jewish Israeli girl Hallel Yafi Ariel while she slept yesterday, today yet another Jewish family was destroyed when their car was attacked by a Palestinian terrorist.

The EU and USA  could stop the terrorism immediately by simply cutting off their multi-billion dollar payments to the PA (which are used not just for incitement but also to pay the salaries of terrorists and their families). They won't of course*. But while they refuse to provide any deterrents, I don't understand why, for all his strong words, Netanyahu doesn't either. All I can see - as far as the Palestinians are concerned - are incentives to keep it up.

* The reason they won't was given to me by the British Foreign Office when I complained about the use of British taxpayer money to fund terrorist salaries. They said that 'cutting off such funds would lead to more violence'.  Aso remember that neither the EU nor USA ever criticise Mahmoud Abbas who this week spewed antisemitic blood libels to the rapturous applause of the European Parliament while his side-kick demanded that Palestinians 'slit the throat of every Israeli they find'.

Friday, June 10, 2016

ISIS and Palestinian terrorists - nothing in common

As usual after a major terrorist attack in Israel those media outlets and commentators who bother to report at all are careful to make clear why such attacks have nothing in common with ISIS, which the following chart clearly proves.

But just when you were convinced they have nothing in common, the following chart should quell your concerns!!!

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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Media portrays Palestinians as the real victims of terrorist attack in Tel Aviv

Exactly as I expected from the Evening Standard. This was the only item they had on the massacre in Tel Aviv. The poor Palestinians who cannot travel to commit further terrorist attacks are the real victims, not Jews murdered while drinking coffee.

 The Standard has a long history of anti-Israel bias.

Clearly another reminder is needed:

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Letter to the CEO of Speakers’ Trust about the anti-Israel speech controversy

Following on from the recent articles here, herehere. and here, a friend has sent this excellent letter to Julie Holness (CEO of Speakers' Trust):

Dear Julie

I cannot imagine how stressful it must be for you right now to find yourself drawn into conflict.

I love the idea of the Speakers’ Trust and believe in the right to free speech. However, in terms of lies and misrepresentation, I’m not a fan of defamatory language intended to spread hatred against any individual, group or other such entity existing in this world within which we are so fortunate to live. Therefore, I want to suggest a couple of changes to the statement issued by Speakers’ Trust and the Jack Petchey Foundation.

I am naturally relieved to hear that Leanne Muhammed will not be going forward in the Speak Out Competition. However, my concern is that I’m unsure if you realise that allowing Leanne to retain the title of “winner" positions anyone in opposition of her diatribe as “perpetrator" and Leanne as "victim”. I am alarmed at your statement clearly indicating that the only reason she is not being put forward is due to “abuse”. Such statement denies any responsibility on your part clearly laying the blame for failing to be selected at the door of those who have expressed their objections.

"As a Regional Final winner the speech was posted online. Following vile and hateful comments posted online during this Bank Holiday weekend Speakers Trust removed the video of Leanne’s speech. We will not tolerate trolling of young people. As a small charity without the capacity to moderate comments 24 hours a day it was considered essential to protect Leanne by temporarily suspending the regional video until we were able to consult fully with her school and family.”

May I respectfully point out that this paragraph is missing the context, i.e., that Leanne’s speech contained harmful antisemitic tropes and blood libels. Please see the European working definition here:

As you are aware a "social media war" ensued where jews and non-jews expressed their deep hurt at the distortion of the behaviour of the Jewish State. Bloggers had discovered Leanne’s twitter feed containing propaganda and other associations she has made via social media tools. Voicing their discoveries and objections utilising social media, they were themselves subject to a torrent of antisemitic abuse. Therefore, in order for the Speakers’ Trust and Jack Petchey Foundation to take responsibility and “stop the war” created, I want to invite you to rethink this statement and reword along the lines of:

“As a Regional Final winner the speech was posted online. Following objections to the content of Leanne’s speech we temporarily suspended the regional video until we were able to consult fully with her school and family and investigated the concerns of those who had objected so strongly [feeling hurt, frightened and angry] to the content."

I wonder if I can help you think through what Leanne is really saying? The subtle nuances contained in Leanne’s video can be tricky for individuals to spot. The “subliminal message” passively received by viewers is antisemitic, i.e., that a bunch of thieves, oppressors [land-grabbers] and baby-killing jews are responsible for her claim of “refugee” status.

With regard to such status alongside Leanne’s “identity achievement”, i.e., as a “British Palestinian”, I wonder if it may help to give you an illustration of how strange these words are to the rational mind. Let me explain. On my father’s side I am a third generation person of European jewish descent. I identify as British. In the last century my father’s father was forced to flee persecution in Russia just part of the longest hatred forcing the human movement of jewish people across the world for no other reason than being a jew. Although jews in many parts of the world are still subject to extreme prejudice, we now have the safe space of the Jewish State. What I want you to do is to imagine if I called myself a “British Russian”, or a “Ukrainian Russian”? Or a “ Third Generation Soviet Union refugee"? Can you imagine how credible I would sound if I made a speech ending with “free Kiev” [from the Soviet aggressors]?

The British public are being brainwashed by the Palestinian narrative. May I respectfully refer you to the research of David Collier. I provide a link to a piece by David that also draws attention to the investigations and explanations of the narrative by Edgar Davidson and Brian John Thomas. Due to incidents such as affording Leanne Muhammed a stage to promote antisemitism, I concur with their view that the future of British Jewry in the UK is hard to imagine. I respectfully refer you to David Collier’s article to help deepen your understanding of the reasons behind why we share such a view.

In terms of the words:"Both the Jack Petchey Foundation and Speakers Trust which runs the Challenge have a primary duty of care to the young people we work with and we cannot accept any form of abuse against them." I agree and echo such sentiment. However, perpetuating the cycle of abuse is emotive language. The complex forces at play contain a multitude of variables and prove difficult for most individuals to grasp. Meaning and the cause of the upset is lost. Society is “triangulated” into conflict. We see individuals drawn into choosing a side based on rhetoric. A current example, amplified by media reporting, is the abuse directed at supporters of Depp and Heard. However, to my mind if you had understood the destructive intention of Leanne’s speech and how instead of achieving her own identity, she has been groomed, exploited and radicalised into becoming a weapon of war, perhaps you may not have given her the opportunity to enter the competition in the first place. Therefore, I invite you to reconsider and remove this inflammatory sentence delivering the meaning that there are people [those opposed to Leanne’s speech] who do not want to live in peace:

"We are determined that all of our young speakers, irrespective of background, race or religion, should be able to speak out in a safe and supportive environment. In our society people have the right to hold and express different views or perspectives. It is important that young people can express these, challenge and question in an appropriate manner and learn to live with each other in peace."

For clarity, Leanne’s speech works directly against the notion of peace. Leanne’s indoctrinators have simply abused the good intentions of your competition to offer a safe supportive environment. Allowing this 15 year old girl to keep her title means that society will hold her up as a martyr. As such, the mechanism under which antisemitism thrives clicks into place thereby rendering the road to peace increasingly invisible.

My final point is that after having been subject to Leanne’s misrepresentation of Israel, a country that has always striven for peace, I was horrified to hear Leanne state: “Islam is perfect. I am not”. This is an extremist view and the reason why individuals like Leanne are so susceptible to radicalisation. When a religion is set up as “perfect” there is no ability to question, no personal power, no growth or development from reform available. Therefore I invite you to think about this final point. As a British citizen who doesn’t follow Islam where am I positioned? Where are you? I feel uncomfortable enough. Do you?

In light of the above, I call for you to remove Leanne’s status as Regional Final winner.

Best wishes

Below is the response video by Brian John Thomas (which includes the original video of Leanne Mohamad's speech):

Monday, May 30, 2016

When you challenge anti-semitic blood libels you become the victim of anti-semitic abuse and threats

This is an update to the posts here, here, and here.

When a non-political charity - against its own rules - awarded first prize in the Redbridge finals of its speaking competition for youngsters to a virulently anti-Israel speech full of lies and blood libels, I was one of the first to complain. Not to demand the speech be censored, but simply to point out that this speech should not have won the competition and that the charity should set the record straight by allowing a proper response to the speech (which had been met with enthusiastic applause at Wanstead High School). I also noted that the student in question had been extensively re-tweeting hateful material from a well-know terrorist supporter called Abbas Sarsour.

The charity said that they had already decided a week earlier that the speech was in breach of their two fundamental rules and that because of this the student was not being put through to the Grand Final.

Because the antisemites (of whom there are far more than Israel supporters) decided that I had played a role  in 'silencing a child' I have now been abused, threatened in many ways - including being reported to the police - and accused of being a child molester and paedophile. I am currently receiving, for example,  hundreds of abusive tweets per hour (even though I only joined twitter a few months ago and before the weekend had received less than a dozen tweets in total). You can see them on my twitter feed and comments on my recent blog postings.  There is also a campaign to 'ban' me (whatever that means):

@Support Please ban @EdgarDavidson81 for online threats to @LeanneMohamad #LetLeanneSpeak

David Collier has a brilliant report on the same thing here.

Daphne Anson: Police have been informed tweets Israel defaming schoolgirl as anti-Israel forces rally

And here is a reminder for all the haters - who say they are not antisemites - now visiting my blog: