Sunday, December 24, 2017

'Palestinian" ingenuity

Updated May 2018 to include the killer kites of Gaza.
Let nobody accuse the 'Palestinians' of lacking ingenuity. They have given so much to the world...

 And this doesn't include other novel acts committed before they called themselves 'Palestinians' like massacring nurses and doctors (13 April 1948, 78 killed in Hadassah hospital convoy) as well as being 14 years ahead of the Nazis in ethnic cleansing Jews from an entire town when they murdered/expelled the entire Jewish community from Hebron in 1928.
...their only regret is that it was other Islamic terrorists who came up with such wonderful inventions as the shoe bomb and the underwear bomb.

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Watchman said...

And up to 1948 the British did as little as possible as well as arming the Arabs leaving the Jews at the mercy of both sides. No surprises that the Jews eventually fought back.