Thursday, December 07, 2017

If the response to Pearl Harbour had been the same as that to modern Islamic attacks

Updated 7 Dec 2017

On the anniversary of the Pearl Harbour Attack it is worth considering what would have happened if the response would have been the same as that of the response to the 9/11 (and other) Islamist attacks against the West:
  • The main stream media would have insisted there was no evidence that the attacking airplanes were Japanese.
  • The main stream media would also have claimed each pilot was acting completely independently, and likely had 'mental issues'.
  • The US would have declared a 'war against fighter aircraft' with a clear statement that 'this in no way linked to the great nation of Japan which, like Nazi Germany, is a nation of peace'. 
  • This might  have been followed by a few sorties against Japanese fighter aircraft; but, as a token to prove there was no bias against the Japanese people, some British spitfires would also have been attacked. 
  • To ensure that America did not attack mainland Japan, leftists from all over the world would have gone to Tokyo to form human shields.
  • There would have been years of appeasement of Japan and Germany, plus massive funding of 'moderate' Imperial Japanese and Nazi institutions. 
  • The media would have devoted most of its time on identifying what the US had done to invite the attacks, such as not forcing Britain to leave Singapore to allow the Japanese to invade.
  • (Like Israel today) Singapore and Britain would have become the focus of hatred for provoking the Japanese and Nazis by daring to protect their right to exist. The Americans and all the world's free nations would have demanded major and painful concessions from Singapore and Britain to ensure peace with the Japanese and Nazis.
  • There would have been widespread theories that it was all a Jewish/Zionist plot to force America into the war (oh actually that really did happen anyway) and that all Jewish personnel in Hawaii had left the evening before the attack.
  • There would have been a string of documentaries made about how it was physically impossible for the attack to have happened and, in particular, for a ship like the SS Arizona to be destroyed by Japanese aircraft. These documentaries would have been split evenly between those that claim the attack never actually happened and those claiming the Americans and Zionists had planted bombs to explode the ship.
  • By 1945 America would have been a Japanese colony, and to this day Europe would still be under Nazi rule.
Conversely, if the response to 9/11 had been similar to the actual response to Pearl Harbour then:
  • The US would have declared war on all Islamic fundamentalists and would not have stopped until Islam was totally eradicated throughout the world as a supremacist belief. 
  • The first targets would have been Saudi Arabia and Iran. 
  • All Muslims in the USA would have been imprisoned and/or kept under surveillance.
  • The war would only have finished with a prolonged programme of 'de-Islamification' (the de-Nazification  programme for Germany took many years to work even though the people had only been indoctrinated for 10 years. Islamists have been indoctrinating Muslims for 1300 years).
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Natalie said...

Actually, there WAS an attempt at appeasement: the Munich Pact in 1938, whereupon Neville Chamberlain of the UK proclaimed, "Peace in our time!" HA!

Critias said...

I think there are two reasons for the West buckling in the face of Islam: firstly as the West is post-Christian, it fails to understand religion and cannot comprehend that belief drives thought and action; secondly it is sheer fear of the power of Islam and its endless commitment to violent supremacy. The West thinks accommodation and appeasement will work either naively or cynically; but it won't.