Sunday, October 08, 2017

Moeen Ali: Israel-hating cricket idol and his close to links to radical Islamists

Moeen Ali wearing his "Free Palestine" (i.e. death to Israel) wristband
In 2014 a Hamas cell kidnapped and murdered three Israeli kids and then launched a missile war against Israeli civilians after Israel had the audacity to hunt down the terrorist cell involved in the murders. One of the many celebrities who came out in support of Hamas during that war was the England cricketer Moeen Ali. Defying ICC regulations, which should have seen him suspended or even sacked, he wore a "Free Palestine" wristband during an England test match. Now a  comprehensive article by Ruddy Darter shows that Moeen Ali has close links to radical Islamists who preach hatred of Jews and gays. Nice to know that he is a role model for all British Muslims

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