Tuesday, October 31, 2017

If New York attack was reported like terrorist attacks in Israel

Here we go again

In any case expect the standard media response that follows every Jihad attack in Europe:


Mr. Cohen said...

In recent years, all New York City subway cars contain advertisements that warn everyone to NOT discriminate against Muslims. These advertisements also encourage people who witness anti-Muslim discrimination to report offenders to the government.

Attempts to appease Muslims have worked, and the proof is the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Manhattan.

No matter how hard infidels work to appease Muslims, Islam still teaches that all infidels are enemies of Allah, who must be killed and conquered by any means possible; and killing infidels is the path that leads to eternal paradise.

Why Muslims Hate Jews:




PS: Allah hates the Koran.
Allah hates Islam. Allah hates Muslims.


Watchman said...

You got the headline wrong, it should be: "Muslim dies in police shooting"