Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why has nobody called out these 'Israel supporting' Conservatives for their hypocrisy?

The EU labelling of Jewish (and only Jewish) products from the 'occupied territories' (which includes Jerusalem and the Golan Heights that presumably the EU wants Israel to concede to either the butcher Assad or ISIS) is the most blatant piece of antisemitic discrimination to come out of Europe since the Nazi Nuremberg Laws.  But what is puzzling me is why nobody from the Jewish community in the UK is questioning the role of 'Israel supporting' David Cameron in this. For once Cameron can't even pretend to hide behind the EU on this one because his government has actually been the main sponsor for this antisemitic law in the EU, continually pushing the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini whenever there were obstacles.

As is also clear from the current slavering over Boris Johnson (who has continually slammed Israel for 'disproportinate violence against Palestinians', claimed Iran poses absolutely no threat to anybody, and who insists that Islamic terrorism never has anything to do with Islam) the British Jewish Community sets spectacularly low bars over who it considers to be a 'true friend of Israel'.

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