Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Letter: Palestinian Red Crescent Ambulance refused to treat Jewish terrorist victims

See 19 Nov update to this story here.

Since the notoriously anti-Israel International Committee of the Red Cross has already tried to whitewash this incident, I have written the following self-explanatory letter to the British Red Cross (

Dear Sir/Madam

I would be grateful for your opinion about the incident on 13 November 2015 near Hebron when a Jewish family including several young children was attacked by Palestinian terrorists resulting in the death of the father Yaakov Litman and 18-year-old son Netanel Litman.

You can find the details of the terrorist attack, as described by Noa Litman who survived it, here:

In the words of the survivors of the attack the Palestinian Red Crescent Ambulance refused to treat the victims, presumably because they were Jews. The subsequent 'denial' by the Palestinian Red Crescent is, as is common from most official statements emanating from the Palestine Authority, a pack of lies; indeed they have been proven to be liars on many previous occasions when they denied claims that Palestinian Red Crescent Ambulances were being used to carry terrorists. For example, during the 2014 Gaza war, Hamas terrorists routinely travelled in Red Crescent Ambulances to carry out attacks:

The Palestinian Red Crescent operates under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross and I would like to know what the British Red Cross is going to do about this.


Edgar Davidson
Here is their response (which actually arrived within 3 hours): and my follow-up:

Many thanks for your email concerning the tragic events that occurred on the 13th November near Hebron.

The British Red Cross understands that a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance arrived and started providing First Aid to the wounded. A few minutes later, two Israeli ambulances, one belonging to the Israeli army and another from Magen David Adom, arrived at the scene. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that their ambulances left the incident as Israeli paramedics had arrived and were providing medical care to casualties and that their team believed the situation had become unsafe for Palestinian Red Crescent personnel to remain.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society, like other Red Cross and Red Crescent organisations (including the British Red Cross and the Magen David Adom), adheres to the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement ( ). These Fundamental Principles require all Red Cross and Red Crescent actors to provide impartial assistance, making no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions. We endeavour to relieve the suffering of individuals, being guided solely by their needs, and to give priority to the most urgent cases of distress.

The British Red Cross highlights the need for all parties to a conflict to respect International Humanitarian Law and prohibit all attacks on civilians and medical personnel engaged in the provision of humanitarian relief.

Thank you again for your email and please do contact us again should you require any further information.

Kind Regards

And here is my follow-up:
Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately, you have simply repeated the story provided by the Palestinian Red Crescent, which is at odds with the statement provided by the victims.
Based on their extensive history of lying, as well as direct support for terrorism, can you explain why you believe their version of events and not that of the victims and Israeli authorities (which is supported by recorded telephone calls)?
There is also an obvious flaw in the Palestinian Red Crescent version of events. They say "their team believed the situation had become unsafe for Palestinian Red Crescent personnel to remain." In what possible sense was it unsafe for them to remain? If they are inferring that their own lives were in danger because of the presence of Israeli emergency personnel, then this is not only a lie but also a potential blood libel and inversion of reality. It is not Israeli emergency personnel who endanger lives - only Palestinians.
Also please note that the Palestinians do not regard the killings of the Israeli civilians as 'tragic events'. In fact, there was as usual widespread celebration among the Palestinians over the killings with praise for the 'heroic operation' not just from Hamas and other terrorist groups but also from members of the Palestine Authority.
Yours Edgar Davidson
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Unknown said...

I hope you are not naive to expect a different response from the Irresponsible Ridiculous Club.

Unknown said...

I hope you are not naive to expect a different response from the Irresponsible Ridiculous Club.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Actually as you can see from the update I did indeed get a response (and quite quickly)

fairbrit said...

Your two letters demonstrate the brainwashed blinded ethos of pro Palestine groups. For me there is already a stain upon the International Red Cross [their behaviour at Auschwitz renders them incapable of distinguishing between evil and innocent]and it seems this stain has never been removed.

Like the Guardian and the BBC, the Red Cross is only too happy to accept the unverified witness accounts of Palestinian pro terror groups / members of public rather than the Israeli reports that are well documented and substantiated.

I know that the response you received is inadequate but I am grateful to you for taking the time and trouble to write. If more of us did this, then organisations such as the Red Cross would be forced to change their ethos and practices and become true neutral parties when called upon to help innocent Jewish victims.

Philip Witriol said...

Thank you for doing this. Ironic that they use the word actors in their reply.

Sandy said...

When is any medical professional allowed to leave? never. They weren't racing to another emergency and called to additional duty. If they had actually initiated care they had a duty to remain until everyone was stabilized. The phone call recording says it all.