Thursday, May 14, 2015

Simple questions relating to the Middle East that are never asked

I have sent this to a couple of news outlets.
  • Why are Western countries expected to take in unlimited Muslim "refugees" while far wealthier (and under-populated) Muslim countries like Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Bahrein, etc never are despite them sharing the same religion, language and culture as the "refugees"?
  • Why is it a cause for celebration when Americans, Brits or Arabs kill Islamic terrorists, but a 'war crime' when Israel does it?
  • Why is the only country in the Middle East that is not an apartheid state (Israel) the only one that is accused of being an apartheid state?
  • How is it that the people who call Israel an 'apartheid' state also generally insist that every single Jew must leave 'Palestinian territory'?
  • Why are antisemitic activists who are dedicated to the destruction of Israel always called "Pro-Palestinians" rather than what they really are?
  • Can you identify a single pro-Palestinian activity (as opposed to anti-Israel activity) that has ever been carried out by any Western "pro-Palestinian" activist?
  • Why are anti-Zionist organisations like Yachad, J-Street and the New Israel Fund still referred to as being 'pro-Israel'. 
  • Why are bigoted, brainwashed Westerners who go to "Palestine" to throw rocks at Israelis called "peace activists"?
  • Why are scorecards of 'civilians killed' mandatory for conflicts involving Israel (as in "2000 Palestinians killed, only 10 Israelis"), but never used in any other conflict in the world (did you ever see the number of dead British or US civilians mentioned when those countries mount attacks against Arab countries)?
  • Over 140 countries in the United Nations were either created, or achieved independence, after 1945. Why is it that only one - Israel - has its legitimacy questioned?
  • Why do people who routinely reject Israel's claim to its own capital city Jerusalem never question Britain's claim to the Falkland Islands (a mere 13,000 miles away)?
  • (To all British politicians) Why do you insist that Muslim colonisation of British cities is a great success for multi-culturalism, whereas allowing Jews to live in their own capital city Jerusalem is an obstacle to peace?
  • Why does Iran need 'peaceful nuclear energy' when it has the second largest reserves of oil and gas in the world (enough to meet its own population's energy demands for over a million years)?
  • Why is Turkey still occupying Northern Cyprus?
  • (To all politicians) If - as you insist -  Islamist terrorists who declare that they are killing in the name of Allah are not Muslims, then what religion are they?
  • (To all politicians) If - as you insist - Islam is a "Religion of Peace" then why do you you also tell cartoonists they must not draw Mohamed as it will incite Muslims to kill them?
  • (To David Cameron and every single LibDem and Labour politician)  If, as you always say, every penny reduction to the Foreign Aid budget will lead to more African children starving to death, how do you justify the £20 million of the budget every year being paid to the Palestine Authority as salaries for convicted terrorists?
  • If  poverty and discrimination are reasons youngsters in the West turn to terrorism,  how come it is primarily Muslims (and not Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, non-Muslim Africans, non-Muslim blacks, Charedi Jews, gypsies and indeed every other poor, minority group) that have actually become terrorists?

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Daphne Anson said...

Excellent, Edgar. Have linked to it on my current post. Love the drawing!

Alexy Flemming said...

(1) Makarios (1ST PRESIDENT OF CYPRUS) (the UN Security Council Speech, 19 July 1974):
Sound record of the speech:

(2) Turkey acted on Cyprus via Art. IV(2) Treaty of Guarantee ("In the event of a breach of the provisions of the present treaty, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom undertake to consult together with respect to the representations or measures necessary to ensure observance of those provisions. In so far as common or concerted action may not prove possible, each of the three guaranteeing Powers reserves the right to take action with the sole aim of re-establishing the state of affairs created by the present Treaty."), hence in compatible with Art. 2(4) UN Charter.

(3) The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) (29.07.1974, Resolution 573): "The Turkish military INTERVENTION was the exercise of a RIGHT EMANATING FROM AN INTERNATIONAL TREATY and the fulfilment of a LEGAL and MORAL obligation."

(4) Greece's Athens Court of Appeals (21.03.1979; Case No: 2658/79): "The Turkish military INTERVENTION in Cyprus, which was carried out in accordance with the Zurich and London Accords, was LEGAL. Turkey, as one of the Guarantor Powers, had the right to fulfill her obligations. The real culprits . . . are the Greek officers who engineered and staged a coup and prepared the conditions for this INTERVENTION." Note: Just after 5 years later than 1974, in 1979, Greece's Highest Court decided Turkish military intervention is legal without making any difference between 1st and 2nd military operation!

(5) Till now, there is NO sanction applied on Turkey due to 1974 Cyprus war: another sign of legality dimension of 1974 events.
If a country invades another one, UN imposes sanctions on that country.
Iraq invaded Kuwait, and UN imposed sanctions on Iraq.
Turkey did not invade Cyprus, hence UN did not impose any sanction on Turkey!

(6) There is no UN resolution that calls the Turkey's 1974 action as "invasion"!

Alexy Flemming said...


Then–United Nations Secretary General, U Thant's report: (UN SG S/5950, 10 September 1964, paragraph 180): "UNFICYP carried out a detailed survey of all damage to properties throughout the island during the disturbances; it shows that in 109 villages, MOST OF THEM TURKISH-CYPRIOT OR MIXED villages, 527 houses have been destroyed while 2,000 others have suffered damage from looting".

The houses damaged in mixed villages were the houses of Turkish Cypriots.


Greek Cypriots even killed 16-day old Turkish Cypriot babies.

Greek Cypriots brutally killed Turkish Cypriot kids; the images:

Greek Cypriots brutally killed Turkish Cypriot kids; the images:

Greek Cypriot EOKA B's massacres on Turkish Cypriots:
Dead bodies of Turkish Cypriot civilians at Sandallar (Santalaris):,_Santalaris_and_Aloda_massacre

GREEKS' MASSACRES over TURKS in Cyprus island:

Josh Korn said...

Good on ya, mate. Sure to get under the skin of the MSM.

Tony Bosley said...

There's a typo in the last paragraph. You wrote "how comes only Muslims".

That should be "how come..."

Anonymous said...

This cartoon--and article--are excellent. You really tell it as it is. Well done!