Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Charles meets IRA leader but won't visit Israel

Prince Charles has upset some people today by meeting IRA leader Gerry Adams, although nobody ever bats an eyelid when he - and the Queen - visit terrorist-sponsoring corrupt Arab regimes, which they do all the time.

Charles did make one visit to Israel in 1995 to 'represent the Queen' at the funeral of Yitzhak Rabin. It is the ONLY 'official' visit ever made by a member of the British Royal Family (his father Prince Philip visited his mother's grave in Jerusalem in 1994 but the Royal Family and the British Government made clear that this was only in a 'private capacity').  The anti-semitic Arab arse-licking goons who have dominated the British Foreign Office for years have never allowed the Queen to visit Israel in case it 'upsets our Arab friends'. But Prince Charles's aides went further than that in 2007 when they ruled out any official visit declaring:
"Acceptance would make it hard to avoid the many ways in which Israel would want HRH [Prince Charles] to help burnish its international image."
If David Cameron is even half the 'friend' of Israel that he and some of his naive Jewish supporters think then he should demand that the Queen finally accepts Israel's long-standing invitation to visit their country.

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Watchman said...

Very well said Edgar. Passed this to my MP for comment and to garner a response from the PM.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I am an Australian - therefore, a member of the Commonwealth - and it deeply grieves me that neither the Queen nor any other member of her family has ever paid an **official** visit to Israel (though I am pleased to discover that both Charles and Philip have *unofficially* visited, at least; I was under the impression there had been NO visits at all whether official or unofficial). I find it particularly ironic in light of the fact that the Queen herself, all her four children, and those in direct line of succession - William, possibly Harry, and *both* of Prince William's two children, George and Beatrice - have been baptised in ...Jordan water, brought specially for the occasion all the way from...Israel? (Or was it collected from the "State of Jordan" side of the river??). surely, she should be quietly and persistently letting it be known to the Foreign Office that she is now very old, that time is running out, and that before she dies she would like to visit the only former British colony she has *never* visited, the country where the Jordan River rises, the country where Christianity arose. A further thought - the perfect 'state' reason presented itself some years ago, when a group of skeletons found at the bottom of a medieval well in England were identified as *Jewish* bodies...victims of a medieval pogrom. I never found out what happened to those poignant relics...but ...if they *haven't* been sent home to Israel (which I think is what should happen, if it hasn't already been done) wouldn't it have been the perfect reason for a State visit to Israel by the Queen? To personally - in company with the Catholic and Anglican Archbishops, and the UK's chief rabbi - escort those medieval Jews back to Israel, and be present at their - centuries-delayed - Jewish funeral and burial...in Jerusalem, and at the Mount of Olives? And then, after that, do the official type tour, visits to sites of Biblical significance (both Jewish and Christian), political meetings with the PM, meetings with the Anglo-Jewish community in Israel, etc,...and lay a wreath on the grave of Lieut.-Colonel John Henry Patterson, an English friend of Zion who commanded the Jewish Legion during WWI.

Madhvi sinha said...

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Shirl in Oz said...

The British Foreign office will not allow any member of the Royal Family to visit Israel officially because of security issues.

Shirl in Oz said...

An official visit to Israel is scheduled for 2018