Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sky News' increasingly obsessive anti-Israel agenda

As you can see from the report here at Harry's Place, the Deputy News Editor of  Sky News Arabia (Jessy El Murr) refuses to allow any report from the Israeli perspective and believes that the Israelis have surpassed not only the evil of the Nazis but the worst evil in the world by "miles and miles and miles and more miles".

But the author of the article makes the mistake of assuming that Sky News Arabia is not at all representative of the main Sky News franchise.  She clearly has not been following the main Sky News' coverage of Israel since 2005 (when Israel-hating James Murdoch** took over). Here are some examples of stories about Sky News bias that I have written over the years. Their systematic anti-Israel bias is actually worse than the BBC and, unlike the BBC, they normally ignore formal complaints completely.
** See, for example: Murdoch, Son differ sharply over Israel,   Saudi Prince endorses anti-Israel Murdoch son to head FOX News empire.


asherpat said...

"when Israel-hating James Murdoch took over"

I didn't know that James Murdoch is anti-Israel, after all, his father (I suppose) is or at least was conservative leaning pro-Israel. can you give a link to a proof?

On another matter, Edgar, your excellent blog suffers because of the outdated and inconvenient commenting system, as opposed to the likes of DisQus, etc that allow instant and easy commenting. Pls just don't go for facebook's comment plug, some people (me!) refuse to bow to facebook, Disqus allows anyone to comment.

God Bless Israel!

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Asherpat: I have added a couple of links about James Murdoch.
Regarding comments: I will try to set up disqus commenting (i didn't realise until I just checked that this could be possible with google blogger)