Tuesday, September 23, 2014

George Mason University student supports ISIS beheading of Stephen Sotfloff because "he was an Israeli - part of Mossad"

This video of MRCTV’s Dan Joseph trying to get American University students to sign a petition (on 11 September) to support ISIS is currently doing the rounds. Most of those who sign are jerks who know nothing about ISIS and will sign anything that is presented as "anti-war" rhetoric. But, frighteningly, one girl who eagerly signs the petition clearly knows very well who they are. At 1.17 she says (about beheaded Jewish journalist Stephen Sotloff):

"Have you seen the Stephen guy the journalist (who got beheaded) .. he was actually an Israeli and part of the Mossad" ...
At 1.49 (after showing some other people) the video shows the same girl saying
"every religion has their moments ..don't even get me started on what the Christians did to non-believers".

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Critias said...

Its a hoary old tale...'what Christians did to non-believers...' The missing information is that when people calling themselves Christian did bad, they were contradicting Christian teaching and therefore not representing Christianity. When Muslims do bad, they are doing what the Koran enjoins them to do...and killing infidels is an unqualified GOOD in that book.