Wednesday, June 26, 2013

UK bans Spencer and Geller: free speech is dead in the UK and the ban was supported by the Board of Deputies

Due to extreme personal circumstances I have been unable to post much lately. But today's news that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have been banned from entering the UK is so shocking that I had to say something (and will be contacting my MP about it). Here are the Home Office letters sent to Spencer and Geller - typically the Government is using legislation explicitly drafted to combat Islamic terrorism to ban people exposing that very terrorism. Spencer is one of the World's foremost experts on Islam and Jihad. Geller is a fearless exposer of Islamic hatred and anti-Semitism, who has actually done more to support the human rights of Muslims (by campaigning, for example, against the abuse of  women and gays in Islamic societies) than any politician in the Western world.

Spencer and Geller have tirelessly exposed threats (not just physical but also against democracy) posed by Islamists around the world. In return they receive death threats on a daily basis by Islamists and anti-Semites, and even more shamefully they are called racist bigots by the main stream media and politicians who have never bothered to even read their work. Such is the fate of anybody who meticulously exposes the truth about specific or general Islamic threats, but Spencer and Geller have attracted especially vicious treatment because of their bravery and perseverance. The Islamists - and their multiple dhimmi supporters across the political spectrum - want them silenced so that the truth remains untold. Instead of hearing what Spencer and Geller have to say the UK public will hear only lies about them, while being told that there is no such thing as an Islamic threat at all.

That the Jewish Board of Deputies should have lobbied in support of this atrocious decision by the UK Government is appalling but not surprising to anybody who has read my blog over the years. When Oxfam and Comic Relief were discovered to be supporting a Palestinian 'charity' that was using the money to publish anti-Semitic material I wrote to both charities, along with the Board of Deputies who had at the time just entered into a relationship with Oxfam (despite much opposition). Whereas both charities provided detailed responses to my letter, the Board of Deputies never responded.

Update here on the increasingly deranged Jewish Board of Deputies

Update: Geller and Spencer were banned from the UK because they were 'too pro-Israel'.  

Allow Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to Speak in UK Petition | GoPetition

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The Baked Chef said...

The irony of this when you have just had a young Palestinian girl banned from a speech making contest is overwhelming.