Thursday, June 27, 2013

More on the Jewish Board of Deputies disgraceful kowtowing to Islamists

Following on from the story about the Board of Deputies lobbying the Government to ban Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from the UK (on the basis that telling the truth about specific Islamic threats - which Spencer and Geller do - is the new 'hate speech')  I posted a message to the Board of Deputies via their website. In doing so, I noticed this article  praising, of all people Baroness Warsi who had been invited to a Board of Deputies exhibition. For the truth about Baroness Warsi - and her continual support for Islamic extremists - see my reports here and here. Given her powerful role in Cabinet as Minister for "Faith and Communities" it is likely that Warsi played a prominent role in advising the Home Office to ban Spencer and Geller. What makes the Board of Deputies story even more shameful is that the other person it praises is none other than Fiyaz Mughal who has been exposed by the Daily Telegraph as using Government funding (via his 'Tell Mama' website) to massively exaggerate the scale of 'Islamaphobic attacks'. Moreover, reports have also claimed that he used the same Government funding to sue a pro-Israel lady (Ambrosine Chetrit) simply for criticising the Tell Mama organisation in a twitter message. His lawyer Farooq Bajwa, who previously represented the Palestinian blood libel cleric Sheikh Raed Sala, sent a letter to Mrs Chetrit's home address,which she had not made public, demanding an apology and damages. Mrs Cherit said: “It is very worrying and scary. All the people who have been threatened by Tell Mama are pro-Israeli.”

While even the spineless Cameron Government appears to have lost patience with Fiyaz Mughal, the Board of Deputies continues to positively slobber over him. Indeed the Board of Deputies report of their recent meeting concludes with the following heartwarming tale:
Rabbi Natan Levy, the Board's Interfaith consultant, and exhibition co-ordinator, said it provides a "unique bridge between the two communities, so that they can celebrate together, remember together, and not be driven further apart." He added: "There was a lovely moment when Fiyaz Mughal ( Director of Faith Matters) and I came together and quoted the same line from our respective scriptures: ‘whosoever saves a single life saves the entire universe’."
I have a simple recommendation for all Synagogue-attending Jews in the UK who do not agree that the Board of Deputies' mandate should include promoting Islamic supramacists and silencing those who speak out about real threats to Jews from Islamists: when you next receive a bill for your Synagogue fees you will notice it contains an itemized 'Board of Deputies levy'. Do not pay it. It is entirely voluntary.

Update: See this statement issued by the Board of Deputies

Update: Geller and Spencer were banned from the UK because they were 'too pro-Israel'.

Allow Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to Speak in UK Petition | GoPetition


asherpat said...

The Board of Deputies is a sham and a shame but this is only a symptom of the suicidal political correctness and appeasement tendencies spreading among the European Jews (I include in them most of the American Jewry, even though I am not sure anymore that "Jewry" is an applicable term).

I wonder if someone can research the Jewish community newspapers in the 1930s - I am sure that there were many op-eds or opinion articles justifying the Nazis and anti-Semitism because the "blame is also with us, Jews"...

Kafir Ibn al-Shaitan said...

If something bad happens to these gutless, intellectually dishonest, "politically correct" dhimmi-leftoid cowards, they better not ask for any help from the Israelis, because they will get none. Perhaps these "useful idiots" should simply commit suicide or convert to mohammedanism, instead of continuing to embarrass the jews ?

Pathetic wimps.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to post these articles re warsi, on the JDL blog, complete and under your name?? This is so important and I can't believe I overlooked this. My apologies. You can reply to out blog email. Thanks.