Thursday, October 29, 2009

The extent of appeasement to Islamists by the UK and the US

The extent to which the UK and US governments are appeasing Islamic fundamentalists is now confirmed as greater than even my worst fears.

In the UK the revelations of Foreign and Commonwealth Office whistleblower Derek Pasquill confirm that the Government's entire strategy to counter the threat of Islamic terrorism is to ingratiate itself totally with the Muslim Brotherhood at all levels in the bizarre belief that making friends with these Islamic fundamentalists will ensure that they protect us from the 'even worse' Islamic fundamentalists of Al Quaeda. The idiots at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are not even aware that Al Quaeda (like Hamas) is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Read the full interview with Derek Pasquill.

Meanwhile in the US Obama signed off the new defence budget yesterday. Some of the budget, while despicable, was known in advance. For example, on the pretext that Pakistan needs money to defeat their own Taliban, there is $2.3 billion to the Pakistani military, much of which (based on previous experience) will end up going straight to the Pakistani Taliban via the Pakistani Security Service, and the rest will be used for Pakistan's Jihadist war against Western friend India. There is also an incredible $7.8 billion to help train and supply the Afghan Police and Army - again even though previous experience suggests that much of this money will end up with the Taliban themselves (or corrupt tribal leaders sympathetic to them). But what is truly incredible is that this year the US has decided to cut out the middle man. It has set aside $1.3 billion to give directly to Taliban fighters to 'stop fighting'. And while a massive chunk of the US defence budget is therefore going to end up directly funding the Islamist enemies the US Army is fighting, for the first time ever the budget contains a chunk dedicated to 'fighting hate crimes' - which means prosecuting Americans who dare to speak up against Islamists.

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