Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BBC News today: more instinctively anti-Israel even than Hezbollah

The following complaint, which I have sent today to the BBC, relates to its reporting of the news today of an explosion in Lebanon at the house of a Hezbollah member. It is self-explanatory:

The report of an explosion inside the garage of a leading Hezbollah member in Lebanon states: "Reports are conflicting about the cause of the blast. Some sources said it happened when an Israeli shell left over from the 2006 war was dismantled.
Other reports say a Hezbollah rocket exploded by accident. "

In fact not even Hezbollah themselves are claiming that it was an Israeli shell. Yahoo News says "Hezbollah said in a statement on the Web site of its Al-Manar TV station that an investigation was under way to determine the cause of the blast, which it said took place in the garage of a home belonging to one of its members." Moreover, the news outlet Press TV (run by the Iranian Government who are Hezbollah's sponsors) says that "Security forces had earlier announced that an ammunitions explosion in the house of the local Hezbollah official on Monday had killed five people, including the official and his son." The Press TV article is here:


In fact every informed source acknowledges that the house (like many others in South Lebanon) was most likely being used as a Hezbollah weapons storage cache in direct contravention of UN resolution 1701 (just as was proven in a similar explosion in July 2009).

So why on earth, other than instinctive anti-Israel bias, would the BBC News seek to give the impression that this explosion was somehow the fault of Israel?


Update: The IDF now has video evidence that the house was being used as a Hezbollah weapons storage facility

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