Thursday, November 15, 2018

The integrity of the anti-Zionist BDS movement

Meet Simone O'Broin acclaimed international lawyer for the Palestinians:

(I captured this video and saved it as I suspect YouTube and others will try to remove it for reasons explained below).

As explained at IsraellyCool she is clearly not antisemitic at all and as the video clearly shows this senior figure in the BDS campaign against Israel demonstrates how classy the BDS movement really is. As we expect of lawyers fighting for the world's victimized people she shows total integrity and respect for all races and classes of people.....

...OK so this most senior figure in the BDS movement turns out to be an elitist, champagne socialist, antisemitic, racist thug. But that in no way proves they are all like that .... some of them don't drink alcohol.

And as yet another example of 'Palestinian privilege' have a look at how this story was presented in today's Express: Note how it has removed all references about her support for Palestinians (while retaining the bit about the Rohingyas). So even here the media is ‘protecting the image’ of the Palestinians and their racist antisemitic supporters.

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