Friday, May 25, 2018

A dark day for British justice (and British Jews) as Tommy Robinson becomes a political prisoner again

UPDATE TO THIS REPORT: It might get removed from the Internet

For simply doing the reporting job that the mainstream media refuses to do Tommy Robinson was arrested today for 'breach of the peace' and, in a hearing that then lasted 27 minutes, was convicted for 'contempt of court' and immediately sent to jail for 13 months.

Most people hearing this in the UK will probably not believe that it is even possible for 'justice' to be dispensed so quickly.  This is more the stuff of dark future sci-fi movies. Moreover, the court has placed a ban on any reporting of what happened; so not only does the UK police state want to silence Tommy and his message, but they are determined to ensure the public does not even know he has been forcefully silenced.

It is interesting to note that while Tommy Robinson is marched to jail on trumped up charges, Abdul Hamid - a violent Jihadist filmed hitting people with a pole in Hyde Park recently (at a Tommy Robinson rally) - was not even questioned by Police for this incident:

The main stream media continues to spew the lie that Tommy Robinson is a racist, and they support their claims with fake news. Anybody who actually listens to what he says will know it's a lie, so if you believe or say he is a racist then you are simply revealing your ignorance. This is especially true for those in the Jewish community who understand well that the media demonization of Israel is based on lies, but accept at face value the lies of that same media when they demonize Tommy. In fact, not only is Tommy one of the few who understands - and combats - the threat of Islamic extremism to the Jewish community, but he is also understands - and defends - the State of Israel publicly.

But whatever your political views - and whatever your views of Tommy Robinson - you should recognise this injustice and threat to civil liberties and freedom of speech. If an Islamic hate preacher had been treated in this way you can be sure that all of the left wing media and  'civil liberty' campaigners would be up in arms. Hello Shami Chakrabati where are you now?

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Watcher said...

Britian is mindlessly washing itself down the sewer of hate that it has taken over a thousand years to climb out of. Undoing itself in less than a generation.