Sunday, March 18, 2018

Next time CST or Board of Deputies tell you who are our enemies remember this weekend

While Britain's 'official leadership' in the CST, Board of Deputies, JLC,  etc. continue to work with leftist and Islamist 'anti-racist' organisations who seek to destroy Israel and close down free speech, Tommy Robinson continues to risk his life to support free speech, highlight the dangers that Islam poses to all in the UK (especially Jews) and supports Israel. And Britain's 'official leadership' continues to warn that it is Tommy Robinson who is our enemy. Don't accept their lies any longer.

 And the same goes for the Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News. Hypocrites and liars all of them.


Shirl in Oz said...

Maybe our New South Wales CSG and Board of Deps should make contact with yours.
Quite the opposite here. I do not know what is happening in the 'old country'

I went to the "Israeli Apartheid Week - Sydney Protest" yesterday in 40 degree heat!!

It was a fizzler. there were about 20 of 'them' and the odd person looking as they passed by. They were even having trouble giving their leaflets away.

They claim to be humanitarians and completely ignored a homeless man right next to them.

Donisthorpe Boot Boy said...

And not one single mention of Speakers corner in the MSM.