Saturday, July 22, 2017

Another day of terrorist supporting Muslim Jew-hatred in Central London (updated with video of flag burning)

Here is a video of the flag burning (to chants of Allah Akhbar) with credit to organizers Sharon Klaff and flag owner @Ambrosine Yolanda Shitrit

And this one (by Ruptly) is even clearer (note the child stamping on the Israeli flag):

Background to the demo:

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Anonymous said...

I believe that many Jews may leave these shores because of all the anti Semitism that is going on, but if they do that then the terrorists have won it is exactly what they want the next thing they will do is kill all the gay community, Christians and blacks, which will leave them in charge, this is only the beginning, IT MUST BE STOPPED the Government must step in before MR. Corbyn has been given any power in this country he being a sympathiser to their cause.