Tuesday, June 06, 2017

UK terrorism strategy: soft on Jihadists, hard on those who expose them

And remember that the Prevent Programme - which was supposed to 'prevent radicalisation' has also been used to hound those who speak out about the threat of Islam, and has focused on the mythical threat 'right-wing terrorists'. Note this on twitter today from Richard Delingpole.

And this (see full article):

And now this (which can only mean people who insult Islam):

The brilliant David Wood cuts through the bullshit here:


Hilltop Watchman said...

The long march of the Fascist Left through our schools continues apace. Just like the Nazis and Communists, "wrong thinking" unless it is official wrong thinking, to be rooted out and the perpetrators persecuted and destroyed. Am I the only one that sees a direct parallel between this and "re-education camps", with the hapless PC police sucked into the vortex.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many Muslims in the Cheshire police force? Where is the Muslim outrage - marching in empathy - at what happened in London and Manchester? Or are the so called moderate Muslims just clapping their hands?