Saturday, May 27, 2017

Theresa May and the Jihadists: what might have been

The Manchester attack - and the widespread abuse of girls throughout the UK by Muslim rape gangs - would also have been avoided if she had used Tommy Robinson as an adviser instead of finding ever more devious ways to criminalise him.

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Denis said...

Spencer and Geller are not 'experts'. They post a lot on Islam-related issues, and some of what they say is valid. But they are both bigots and make exaggerated and polemical statements. As a trained Islamicist, I give them limited credit, though I think banning them from the UK was over the top. I certainly do not think that had Theresa May listened to them that thered would have been no slaughter of kids in Manchester. The UK government (and many others) does need better advisors and a new approach to Islamic issues; but people like Spencer and Geller are not the people to give advice. Êhey are too right-wing, they are too American, and they stir up hatred. Read the comments on their articles and you will see a very ugly form of Islamophobia, race hatred, and calls for the killing of perƒectly innocent people. I am very critical of Islam and the threat it poses, and I have been consulted by UK authorities on the issues. Ma I finally add that anti-Zionism is not always friven by anti-Semitism, but that it is often a form of it. More than anything, it is driven by ignorance about Israel and its history.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Denis: I respect your opinions greatly, but I am surprised at the statement 'they are too right wing, ..too American' and that you are making them responsible for the comments on their articles. They have always made it very clear that they do not moderate comments, which is why - in addition to the kind of comments you mention, you also find many threats against them and vicious antisemitism posted by Jihadists there.

The key thing about Spencer and Geller (and this also extends to Tommy Robinson and people like Geert Wilders) is that they are literally in the front line because their lives are continually directly threatened by Islamists. They therefore offer practical insights into the threat of Islam that academic experts simply cannot.

Mr. Cohen said...

We Jews must thank and praise the G_D-OF-ISRAEL for giving us an American President who is pro-Israel, or at least seems to be much more pro-Israel than his Israel-bashing predecessor. Thank You, G_d! Again I thank You G_d!

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grounded1 said...

Reference to Geller and Spencer. For my liking and (valued) opinion, both Geller and Spencer are very much 'experts'. If that brands me as an Islamophobe, then I shall wear the label with pride...given it is usually only forthcoming from the lower reaches of the 'Left', self styled spineless Boffins or Fellow Traveller's fraternity houses....I can live with that; being labelled as an Islamophobe, as I am repeatedly 'entreated' to Jihadi slaughter.