Sunday, April 09, 2017

So who does actually stand up for ordinary Jews?

Judging by two stories that caught my eye today the answer to the above question is: not the self-appointed 'leaders' of Jews of the UK and, increasingly, not even the authorities in Israel. The first is this tweet from Baroness Warsi at a Jewish Muslim Interfaith lunch.

Yes that is Baroness "prosecute Jews who volunteer for the IDF" Warsi (front left) and opposite her Naz "Ship all the Jews of Israel to the USA" Shah. While interfaith meetings can be a good idea, why do Britain's 'official Jews' always have to choose the most prominent Jew-baiters to partner? I guess it's lucky Ken Livingstone is not Muslim in this case.

The second is this headline and story in the Jerusalem Post (that used to be one of the only newspapers that provided fair - as in not blatantly anti-Zionist - coverage of Israel but has long become a joke):

And in case you are wondering, while we know that Muslims continually harass, attack, and stab Jews in the Old City, the story itself provides absolutely no indication of who the 'Jewish extremists' are beyond a quote from a Police spokesman that it is:
Jews who intended on coming to the Western Wall area to create disturbances
So that's all right to equate them with terrorists then.

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