Thursday, March 30, 2017

Warsi - much loved by Britain's 'official Jews' - wants to prosecute British Jews who volunteer with the Israeli army

In an interview in Middle East Eye Baroness Warsi has stepped up her obsessive anti-Israel campaign by demanding that British Jews who volunteer with the Israeli army should be prosecuted. She also repeated her accusations that Israel is committing war crimes.

It is important to remember that Warsi was - and still is - a great favourite with Britain's 'official Jews' of the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Chronicle (see my many previous blog posts about this). Indeed the Jewish Chronicle is even asking its Facebook followers if Warsi is right .....

The failure to see through Warsi is a classic example of the dhimmitude of both Britain's official Jews and indeed the Conservative Party. Her Jew-baiting antics are best exemplified by this tweet she posted after 4 Rabbis were massacred by terrorists in a Synagogue in Jerusalem.

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